Will be a Great and Wonderful King

“King Charles III, who I have gotten to know well, will be a Great and Wonderful King. He dearly loves the United Kingdom and all that it represents to the World. He will prove to be an inspiration to everyone. Queen Elizabeth has been, and will be from above, very proud of King Charles III.”
By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

You’re kidding right? He is already putting the whole country on the Green New Deal. Also a globalist. He is part the FJB Regime and ideology. WTF!

Look Up To Heaven

Sir, are you doing one of those satirical numbers again? Sometimes we need some humor with all that is going around. Leave it to you Sir, to keep us on our toes and gives us a good laugh while we are. God Bless you.


I sure don’t think so. he is all for promoting the god of weather/g-warming, WEF fan and accolyte, and pretty much a basic convert to humanism. Makes me sick. but I know, if one deals in the political arena, you gotta be nice. he’s no different than a Newsom or other freak.


Oh please. The vaccines and this, two great disappointments with Trump. But no one is perfect. Trump’s LONG record of great accomplishments still stands despite this. Charles is a WEF globalist socialist, wants the great reset. He’s a demon.


They’re globalist


Hahaha! Good one, Mr. President.
Those of us awake know the truth about the House of Windsor. May God have mercy on their soul.


Why should God have mercy? Yes, Elizabeth was pretty harmless, but Charles?


“LIZ”ZY was NEVER harmless, u less you consider drinking and eating human flesh harmless.


From above?


The whole Royal Family are compromised and I’d like to use worse language than that! I won’t out of respect for you, President Trump. I would rather get our own country back on top!


Yep, the whole lot of them. Charles is gone. This is part of the show. Can hardly wait to see how they take him out and our resident moron here in USA.
I know we’re close. Ready for the credits to run, I’m getting really tired of the sleepers keeping this from coming into fruition.


Maybe? We will see. Even though the Queen was a seemingly kind, smart and good for her country that doesn’t mean that fresh blood isn’t a good thing.

The Queen served several generations. One must ask if it is a good thing to have anyone serve this long? It works across the pond because to the arrangement.

On a smaller level and in the USA Congress people and Reps. serving life times seems to do more harm than good for the country.

Certain positions people hold is in a way, a way to refresh a established system if it is not practical to disband an entity. Take the corrupt FBI for an example. We now have an entity so corrupt the the entire FBI must go. Even the good ones must go.

Dirty politicians need to be seen in orange jump suits walking into prison. America cannot and will ever heal until justice is truly served to all that are corrupt with out exceptions.

Michele Prince

Is this King Charles a replacement for the original? King Charles was a very good friend to the knighted Jimmy Seville..a known pedophile who openly claimed to have burned all remains of children’s bodies. I refuse to pay accolades to anyone who inhabits the halls of Satan. May the Lord Jesus Christ bring justice to the House of Windsor.


United Kingdom is becoming very poor.. Almost broken. They would love to become Rich and great again under our beloved and very succesful President. Make Britain great again by offering them To be part of our country instead of communistic and very sad Europe. Charles could be a very fine Governor. MAGA

Patricia McDermott

The Queen is dead. Long live the King.
Elizabeth II, your journey was a long one, so now Rest in Peace.

jo young

i wouldn’t bet on it – he is the original liberal re climate change, immigration, etc.


I agree.

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