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My Man Trump

We are always BIG. No 4 car rally in an empty parking lot for us. Of course, they already knew that the fix was in to steal the election so why not lie to the people, hide in the basement and have occasional 4 car rallies. And two of those cars were trump people. Go get ’em tonight, President Trump. Will definitely be watching and cheering from across the country.


♥️♥️♥️ Something to look forward to!

Rosanne. Choate

We will be watching on Steve Bannon’s show, I reckon.


I will be watching on OANN! Thank you for all you have done for us!

Michael Quinn

Will this be televised? I don’t see it listed anywhere.


Probably on Newsmax or one of those other channels I don’t have. 😖 Trump also usually posts a live stream or whatever on this site.

laura Petralia

you can go to RSBN network, on rumble. TRUMP MAGAA…..


RSBN – download their app or watch through Rumble. THEY SHOW THE WHOLE CROWD! OANN also normally broadcast the rallies.

Carmine Gazerro

Download RSBN “ right side broadcasting“ APP They televise live every Trump rally. But they do much more of the interview the crowd and people that are going to speak it’s really pretty amazing what they do. And their south run by donations from us so if you can toss them five or 10 bucks but once you watch him RSBN Do you have an on your iPad your TV in your phone because you can watch Trump live anywhere he speaks


Action NOT words, please. Of course I’ll watch. I’ll be hoping something will actually happen. I’m beginning to feel like I’m banging my head against the socilalist wall. ugh.

laura Petralia


Marijo Makufka

I wish I could be there in person! I will watch the rally several times online, I know, because there is no living orator like you, our TRUE, BELOVED and DULY ELECTED 2ND TERM PRESIDENT!!! Blessings to you and the GREATEST 1ST FAMILY EVER!!!


Have a great time yall Mr president



Pete M. ODY

Let’s hope he has something good to tell us this time!

My Man Trump

President Trump, waiting anxiously for your biggest announcement of you are coming back soon and that the treasonous, child sex abusing SOBs are withering in hell. I have waited over a year now for justice and you taking your rightful place as the winner of the 2020 election. Enough waiting, please! Your country and your people desperately need you and miss you. Melania, too!!!!

Matt Gulotta

If I might be so bold as to suggest that it is not you that are waiting for him, but that he is waiting for you. You to stand up and take back your country by holding these swamp creatures accountable locally, by showing up to city council and school board meetings, by running for local offices. Enough waiting indeed! Tore Says “they look like giants because you are on your knees.”

My Man Trump

How do you know I haven’t done all those things.


Will it be as big as Mr TRUMP’s superspreader in Arizona two weeks ago… record coronavirus numbers in Arizona now…


The ONLY thing you can spread Dino is STD’s!


But I thought you leftists said no one comes to Trump rallies anymore!😄


no we believe in blind loyalty

Pete M. ODY

I hope there will finally be an announcement, not more chest beating and bitching!


Google information about the recounts and lawsuits to see if they coincide with what Mr. Trump has been telling you. I think you will be surprised at what you find.






hope you lift up Sen Ron Johnson and his work with real scientists on the covid errors….many died due to supression and be barred from good medical treatments. at this point in time and with oodles of real science, any continued bullshit about injections of poison in the arm consitutes murder.


Thanks President Trump!


Praying that Wisconsin follows through and pulls back their 10 electoral college votes.




Praying for you all. Wish I could attend. Will be watching as usual. Always hoping and praying that we all get another chance at making things right in this country and the world. I signed up for the new social media company a while ago. Will we get the app sent to us when it’s available or do we need to be doing something else? I get a lot of texts and emails that look like scammers telling me to click their links and donate so I become one of your first subscribers. Let me know if it is all a bunch of people trying to make $$ off your good name again. Blessings Kimberley Pearson


Welcome! Texas loves you <3


Will be watching as usual from Australia, where you have many supporters. We are all waiting for your return, while the bullying, aggressive nations of the world certainly are not. Good luck and God bless!

Jeremy patriot

Thank you sir, for everything your doing for us true patriots. We appreciate you more than you could ever know. God speed mr. President

jennifer pack

Mr. President as excited as we are to see you Sir, I respectfully request that you look a little harder into Abbott & Patrick. I can honestly say as a Texan I have not heard Dan Patrick say hardly anything in the past 2 years. For over a year Abbott closed down mom & pop shops but allowed liquor stores to remain open along with drive through strip joints. last year he signed off on a bill that allows the public to buy alcohol before noon on a Sunday. Why? people can’t wait 2 hrs.? Hes welcomed Silicon Valley into our state with open arms oracle,tesla,ibm, amazon & many others. He allowed a Canadian company to set up cryptocurrency mine in Dickens County 320 acres (The guardian). Sir Abbott is bought and paid for. Lt Col Allen West is the one. Many don’t care for him that alone should tell us a lot.


Looking forward to watching!!!

Becky G

WE 💖💖💖💖💖💖 OUR REAL PRESIDENT IN TEXAS! Just wait, Mr. President… You’ll 👀👀👀
💖💖💖💖45 46 47

John F. Brzezinski III

we do NOT need ‘politics’ to save a system physically designed to manipulate and steal life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

John F. Brzezinski III

spelling matters, hmmm?


Only in Russia Commie-Lib!

John F. Brzezinski III

whops…meant to say, “are what we need”…..a shame selective editting is cut out…..kekkle

John F. Brzezinski III

Looking forward to people waking the hell up and realizing they are nothing more than slaves to an ignorant system designed solely on manipulation of facts and figures JUST LIKE CONGRESS uses, as well as a judicial system not only susceptible to corruption, but ALSO to flooding in the same capacity as DDOS. POTUS Trump, I STILL to this day harbor belief that YOU and the attitude YOU portray via ACTIONS and not simple words, though the words you speak are undeniably genuine…..but enough is enough….no more politics….no more catering to people that are stupid, though it isn’t their fault.

Telling you now, I don’t need endorsement. People are manipulable, which is the primary reason our system of ‘One Nation’ is in this chaos……


Those who have not learned WILL learn by seeing the repercussion at a level they are not used to, as their survival is the primary hardwired device NOT manipulable via strategic tactics.

And you all thought the deaf guy was utterly STUPID!

Anna Leal

I’ll be there in spirit! Wish I could go. ÷(

myree williams

Conroe, Texas, this should be very interesting and informative ….. 😊


I so wish I could attend a MAGA rally. I’m praying justice prevails and America will be great again real soon~God Bless~Godspeed~MAGA!


Mr President, I love you and love how much energy you have for saving America. I feel like it’s time for a Baptism. America is hungry for Jesus right now and I feel like now is a GREAT time to show your appreciation for the Lord by possibly have a *LIVE* broadcast of you getting baptized in the Holy Ghost. Please consider going through not only the desert and fire, but the flood of Jesus. America needs to SEE visually positive change and we need you to be a stepping stone for US to truly unite. The crave for Jesus is real and is all consuming right now. God bless you Trump family.



SL Strohs

Donna, my first thoughts exactly!!!!!


Roger THAT!

Pete M. ODY

Correction, Brandon MUST be hung for treason!!! Don’t be so soft and just put him in jail! Treason is punishable by death! Besides, I’m not paying his “jail” tab!


It would be wise not to suggest threats against the president.

Elizabeth Curtiss

Will be watching. Wish I could be there!


Wish I could be there.


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