Wisconsin Drop Box Scandal RECAP

“Wisconsin Drop Box Scandal RECAP…

Yesterday, we got big news out of the Great State of Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that the widespread use of Ballot Drop Boxes across the State is totally ILLEGAL. Just as I have said all along, the use of these UNMANNED, UNSECURED DROP BOXES was never AUTHORIZED BY THE STATE LEGISLATURE—but Partisan Radical Democrat officials simply did it anyway.

In other words, THEY SYSTEMATICALLY VIOLATED THE LAW TO RIG THE 2020 ELECTION. Now, everyone involved in perpetrating this travesty needs to be investigated and held fully accountable, and Speaker Robin Vos and the Republicans must stand up proud and do something, for once, about this atrocity!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Sarah Luu

Unfortunately, I’m sorry to say, Due to the EXTENSIVE CORRUPTION (i.e. lack of justice) in Wisconsin, (and other states & communities), until ALL of the political criminals there are DEAD, this crap will continue unabated. Sarah Luu


Decertify RIGGED Wisconsin NOW!
Then the other RIGGED states will follow!


The Wisconsin Legislature isn’t going to do anything about the 2020 election, because they can’t. Even if they could, it wouldn’t do any good. Recalling the 10 electoral votes for Joe Biden doesn’t mean they’d be awarded to Trump.The same thing could happen in other states, and Trump wouldn’t get those votes either. No matter what, he stays at 232 electoral votes, not enough to win.

In Wisconsin, people used the drop boxes because they were allowed to. They cast their votes in good faith, and didn’t do anything wrong. No court, and no judge, is going to hold them responsible, and invalidate thousands of legally cast ballots.

My Man Trump

Terrific news, Sir. Let’s see if the weak Republicans stand up, for once.


Finally. Thank you Wisconsin Supreme Court. This needs to happen in all the States and all those involved needs to be prosecuted immediately.
The election should be over turned.

Iffy Piffy

Nah, we’re good. You’re welcome to screw off down to Argentina, or wherever you Nazi rejects run off to when your cowardice overtakes you.


How are things on the Russian front?

Patricia McDermott

Once again, many thanks to The Wisconsin Supreme Court for their integrity and strength in coming through for these GREAT United States of America! To the remaining States of this Country, join Wisconsin and get rid of the cheating, thieving and evil left! Get out and VOTE for Republican Patriots!!! God Bless President Trump and the USA!!!


Well admit teh AZ audit was a waste of time and money

jo young

agree! however, there are too many cowards in politics today – they are afraid of being called names.

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