Wisconsin shows many (to put it mildly) signs of cheating in the 2020 election

“The people of Wisconsin are lucky to have a strong and great leader like Representative Janel Brandtjen, who issued subpoenas for Brown (Green Bay) and Milwaukee Counties, and all of their election evidence and so-called results. Wisconsin shows many (to put it mildly) signs of cheating in the 2020 election, and people want answers, now. We still don’t know why Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein, a New Yorker, had multiple keys to the Election Day counting rooms, and a City of Green Bay employee ID when records show he was never employed by Green Bay. A Milwaukee election employee even acknowledged dropping off just the margin of ballots needed for a Biden win at 3:00AM. The Great American Experiment cannot withstand corruption. We must demand our elected officials follow the law, and WE MUST HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. All eyes are on Wisconsin as they begin their election audit. Hopefully Republican Speaker Robin Vos has the integrity and strength Wisconsin needs to support Rep. Brandtjen’s efforts. Our Country is counting on it!”

By Donald J. Trump

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I have been saying for almost a year now that when a robber robs a bank, you do not just say “ok…next time we will have improved security” and just not look for the thief. You immediately go after the thief and hold them accountable. You also give back the money to the bank that it was stolen from, like giving back the car and the keys to the legal car owner after finding the thief with a stolen car. I firmly believe President Trump is the legally elected president of the Unite States.

Just Me

I had hoped that this site would not be subject to the trash talk like we see on Facebook.

Regardless of for whom you voted or what your political belief system is, Election Integrity is of paramount importance. Without it, We The People have no freedom, what-so-ever, at all.

Audit all of the votes. Audit the electronic transmissions. (Who the hell would send vote-counting out of the country for tallying and recording?)

Like it or not, this MUST be done. Every aspect of this most questionable and suspect election MUST be investigated and all of the questions answered.

We must regain the right to elect our Legislature, our Executive Branch, State, Local, Federal levels.

Otherwise, we have no freedom, not even to insult each other and trash talk on social media. You WILL obey under dictatorship or you and your family will die.

Read a few history books. You will learn that we are in the last years of dying freedom, circling the drain.


The good news is, after the disaster we are experiencing with Grandpa Dementia these days, I think the American people will be much more receptive to the evidence at this point.

Tired of gettimg screwed

We all know what happen BUT what’s next it’s going to be the same old sh@t
What needs to happen is we stop paying our taxes and clam 10 dependents and stop
doing our tax returns and cut the money off……

Steve Rowe

calm yourselves people… just because the wool got pulled down on the left doesn’t mean they all need to die by political genocide.. yet … lets see if they wake up


When a robber robs a bank, they do not say “Next time we will have better security in place.” You go after the robber now!


Decertify AZ, GA, WI, PA, NV, and MI, now. Also continue the audits. Looks like the 2020 election was a fraud. Time to jail some people NOW.

Mike Kissinger

Who to jail exactly? With fraud, any fraud, a person or persons commit fraud. It is investigated and they are arrested. To whom has that happened in regard to the 2020 election?


You can start with that fat black woman that we all saw feeding the machines with the same ballots, while everyone else was kicked out of the building due to a fake water main leak. Oh, and her daughter, too. And we all know both will talk on order to get immunity.

Drink Clorox

Oh, so you’re a racist, too. A requirement for today’s RepubliQan Party.

Drank Clorox, No problem

Racist for describing a person accurately? You sure about that bro?

Mrs. Sunshine

All of this mess could have been avoided if the notorious coward and traitor – Mike Pence – did his duty and sent the fraudulent electors back for further investigation.

Don’t fool yourselves… RINOs stole the election with the help of democrats. The GOP-e needed Trump gone more than the DNC. Trump disrupted their money train.


No start with ex Senator Session as Attorney general that recused himself and opened the door.


-Two democrat governors, one on each coast sinking faster than the Titanic.

-Biden’s mental state like a train wreck in slow motion.

-Texas democrat legislatures now under an arrest warrant.

-A Chicago Democrat mayor that nobody likes.

-A vice president with the lowest popularity in the history of foolish vice presidents.

-Inflation at the highest level in decades

-A growing list of failed legislation in the senate.

-And once again, COVID a problem in the US.

Yes, This is the democrats version of making America great again…

Last edited 2 years ago by THosk

None of which matters, the elections have been rigged for years and he media, except for OANN and some of Newsmax are in the bag with the swamp and corrupted with Chinese and/or drug cartel money… it’s over… This will not be resolved with “pruning the the tree of Liberty”… sad.

Mike Kissinger

Sorry, I forgot to stand down my George Soros, left-wing Chinese bot last night.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mike Kissinger

The tiniest bit of credibility you might have had as a leftist loon, is now gone. This kind of message bombing is so played. I used to see this in the “America online chatrooms” in the 1990s. YAWN


Looks like Mike Lindel’s “ELECTION DATA”


Says the commie who thinks there are more than two genders… Let’s see what else Dean believes in…

1.) Dean loves watching men beat women at sports
2.) Oh and of course he thinks there are more than two genders..
3.) Micro brain dean also loves higher taxes but then again when you get a welfare check every month taxes don’t matter
4.) Low Iq Dean loves More regulations on businesses but we all know dean has never started one so he don’t care
5.) Little dean also loves paying more for energy food cars homes everything.. Oh that’s right the government takes care of dean..
6.) You know what else Dean is also a HUGE RACIST, after all he belongs to the party of slavery,segregation,Kkk, and jim crowe laws… All done by democrats like Dean..

Dean your whole life is a mistake but it’s not to late to wake up.. Good luck with that..


I see someone spent a lot of time trying to stop free speech. Its time to limit text I think 🙂


Yes a criminal investigation in all 50 states, and a forensic audit. Evidence is overwhelming. Loser Biden and Loser democrats. Caught red handed. Had to cheat so badly to win,!we all saw it election night. Never going to give up fighting. NEVER!!! At least 5 senate seats should be Republican. Biden is a fake president!!! Lock them up!!!! Lock them up! Lock them up! Lock them up! Lock them up! Lock them up!


We all saw the steal happen in which was blatant and in everyone’s face. Now more and more people see it. Only the Bidenbots are trying so hard to ignore it. We all know that Biden is illegitimate.

Drink Clorox

Seeing something you THINK happened isn’t proof, Jeffrey boy. Nobody’s going to cancel an election that was legitimately run according our US Constitution.
Why do you hate the US Constitution?

Victoria Green

If you would take the time to look up the election results from the states that supposedly gave the victory to Biden, you would see hundreds to thousands of illegal votes cast in several different ways including non-residents, minor children, deceased persons, illegal immigrants, persons who voted in more than one state, etc.. I could go on and on. Its so sad that people are so filled with hate for Trump, that they truly don’t care about legitimate elections. That’s a very scary thing!!! Also, if major fraud hadn’t been committed, they wouldn’t have destroyed evidence, hidden evidence, and they also wouldn’t be standing in the way of a forensic audit.

Did you know that there had been an investigation in to two of the voting machines used during the presidential election since 2018? The investigation was immediately shut down in September of 2020 by DOJ. 🤔 The investigation began due to widespread and major fraud during local state elections. They found that ballots were being changed after the bites were cast by using remote servers. Those remote servers were found to be in numerous different COUNTRIES!!

All you have to do is a little research. Turning off the news and social media, and you’d be surprised at the FACTS you find.

Drink Clorox

Then why did Trump’s lawyers lose over 60 court cases due to LACK OF EVIDENCE, Ivanka?
You’ve fallen for Trump’s grift, sweetheart.
How much has he ripped you off for so far?

“Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here,” 3rd Circuit Judge Stephanos Bibas, a Trump appointee, wrote for the three-judge panel, all appointed by Republican presidents.


They did not ‘lose’, the cases were refused to be heard. There is a difference.

With 10s of thousands of affidavits, video evidence and forensic audit data coming through – all that show, loud and clear, that something was very, very wrong.

Why don’t you look at the evidence yourself, rather than rely on news media. If they control what you see, hear and read then you will learn nothing.

Last edited 2 years ago by grumpyMitch

How is it possible you do not understand the difference between “losing a case” and “a case not being heard”? Yes, there certainly is a difference. Fake media was really good at your leftist indoctrination we can all see.


Doesn’t cost much to fill an empty brain with sh!te… 😉

its me

I was shocked to see how easily almost any wifi enabled device can hack our voting machines. Then, Dr. Shiva explained the censorship plans they have been using against us all are planned and executed. . But the final nail in the coffin for me was seeing what the voting machine companies are willing to do, people homes being raided in the dark of night bc they ask for an audit???? in America??? …we are really living in a world that we are not even willing to admit ….


President Trump, It is too bad FOX news , Hannity, Tucker, and Ingram do not bail on FOX Fake News!

Mr. Lyndell is a true hero!!

Go Patriots for Truth 🙂



I’ve been watching the Cyber Symposium. These speakers are some of the most credible, knowledgeable, credentialed, sensible, transparent, responsible, dedicated, well-informed people I’ve heard in months. These are not crazy conspiracy-theorist. They are brave Americans. If you are not paying attention, you are doing yourself and your nation a great disservice.

Ralph Fleming

That was such an epic failure Trump isn’t even using it as a topic on here. There was zero evidence. Watch my cyber symposium where I prove Napoleon dynamite actually got all 970 million votes by waiting ten minutes for numbers to change on a bed sheet.

True Americana

Ladies and Gentlemen, another stellar piece of fiction from the Donald Trump BullSh*t Generator.

Mike Kissinger

….and Mr. Trump will be re-instated into the White House, while riding upon a pink unicorn playing the kazoo, and singing yankee doodle dandy! LOL!

its me

I was shocked to see how easily almost any wifi enabled device can hack our voting machines. Then, Dr. Shiva explained the censorship plans they have been using against us all are planned and executed. . But the final nail in the coffin for me was seeing what the voting machine companies are willing to do, people homes being raided in the dark of night bc they ask for an audit???? in America??? …we are really living in a world that we are not even willing to admit ….

Drink Clorox

Is that you, Don Jr. or is it Eric? Ivanka maybe?


Totally RIGGED in the battle ground states and EVERYONE knows it!


there needs to be audits in ALL 50 STATES (that’s 57 states if your B Obama). This wasn’t just a national election. It was state and local too!


atop the EVERYONE bull crap. I do not think it was rigged. you are a horse’s patootie

Mike Kissinger

There are no mild signs of cheating nor strong signs of cheating nor medium signs of cheating, Mr. Trump. Only a blatant attempt by YOU to cast shade on our Republic. Your lawyers tried and failed to show or prove any fraud. YOU have not shown any proof. YOU have not given up your vain attempt. All because YOU are too small-minded to admit that YOU lost!

BTW-How is that audit going in Arizona? Can I score some re-inauguration tickets from YOU?

Last edited 2 years ago by Mike Kissinger

You feeling the pressure of being on the losing side of things? Saddle-up Lefty, its coming to a theater near you.


Wow! Yet another criminal enterprise exposed!

We MUST clear out this vermin immediately or our great Republic will wear the scars forever.

I’m so disappointed and disgusted over how many corrupt politicians – FROM BOTH SIDES – have been willing to participate in this fraud!!

God bless PRESIDENT Trump for turning on the lights and exposing the cock roaches!

Mike Kissinger

NOPE. No fraud anywhere in US for the 2020 elections. Please stop supporting a small-minded person who cannot admit that HE lost!

Carol Lake

You n I are not watching the same news. You’ve got another thing coming! Have you not heard of Mr. Mike Lindell? You need to watch his Cyber Symposium. He’s got all the true fact evidence. Also you need to listen to General Flynn, Lynn Wood, Brad Barton, Clay Clark, Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes That’s just to name a few. They will set you straight. So Dorothy you had better grab Toto put him in a stranglehold & hold on tight cause this storm isn’t over just yet! You will soon see that God wins. Us Patriots stand strong behind the greatest president this country has ever had. We love you President Donald J Trump. God bless America. ❤️🇺🇸🙏✝️🦅🚶💥🎉

Mike Kissinger

LOL! LOL! The pillow guy? LOL! LOL!

Here in America, fraud is presented in a court of law. Fraud does not happen on its own, a person or person(s) commit the act of fraud. Information is gathered. A person or person(s) are arrested. Facts and evidence are reviewed and argued. A determination is made as to whether it should go to trial. The prosecution presents its case. The defense presents its case. The court makes a ruling, based on real evidence.

Please do tell, where has this happened any where it the US in regard to fraud in the US 2020 election? And the pillow guy nor Pete’s blog are relevant. The Pillow guy and Cyber Symposium! LOL! LOL! LOL!….no strike that, ROFLMAO! ROFLMAO! ROFLMAO! ….Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahha stop it you’re killing me!

Last edited 2 years ago by Mike Kissinger

Keep laughing Commie-Lib, You will see!

Mike Kissinger

See what exactly? Are there some pending court cases that have not been mentioned? Are there some pending arrests of fraudsters for the 2020 election? Or are you just a small part of group of SoreLosers?

Drink Clorox

See? So what you want to see happen is a leader of a country subvert the will of the people and retain power by ignoring the laws of the US Constitution. You know, like something Vladimir Putin has done. Sounds like YOU are the Commie, Stuart.

steve patten

you are truly an idiot.


Your losing it Mike, seek therapy.. you keep repeating the same thing over and over, that’s a sign of borderline Insanity…Face it, your message on this website and all the months you have tried shoving down our throats ,has not changed one single persons mind. Your efforts have been a complete waste of time. You have become this websites whipping boy.

Last edited 2 years ago by THosk


Ralph Fleming

That was such an epic failure Trump isn’t even using it as a topic on here. There was zero evidence. Watch my cyber symposium where I prove Napoleon dynamite actually got all 970 million votes by waiting ten minutes for numbers to change on a bed sheet.

Mike Kissinger

Don’t forget the vote flipping chips….miniature potato chips with spatulas that sought out Trump votes and flipped them to Biden votes. LOL!


Wow, good argument Ralph. I believe a forth grader could debate you and win easily. Do you even have a high school diploma? Or maybe you got a GED in your mid-20s…


what an f’ing joke you be


Mike… people have been talking about you behind your back. NOW they’re just laughing in your face.

Mike Kissinger

Sure Lee how? Do you have evidence? Do you have link to any court in the land (city, county, state, federal) that has even advanced a fraud theory to be reviewed in a court of law? That is how America works. I don’t need to laugh in your face, I choose to pass air in it!


Educate yourself.

steve patten

obviously, a kool aid drinker.


100% Correct!

Mike Kissinger

Agreed, Mr. Trump is a fraud and a present danger to our Republic and you are part of a group of SoreLosers.

Matt Greene

Is this Henry’s son. Shouldn’t you be taking one from behind from George Bush or Obama right now. Excuse me you are. You still believe the lies started from up high. This whole thing was planned years ago. OKC bombing was an inside job to make American’s look like terrorists. This is just an extension of that and conclusion to OKC which allowed the prewritten omnibus crime bill to pass which included new domestic terrorism laws that started gutting our Constitutional rights. Now if you believe the election was stolen you’re a terrorist. Not too mention if you don’t want the vaccine. I don’t like Trump because he knows the NWO plan too and is in on it, but there’s no doubt the votes were altered as before with these electronic voting machines a.k.a. “video poker machines”. You have to take off the Republican/Democrat rose colored glasses to see that both sides are working together to destroy America and usher in One World Government. You people argue back and forth with 5th grade put downs, especially the democrats because you truly are worthless wanna be commies. At least the Republican’s want to save America even though the Republican politicians are democrats in disguise aquiecing to every demonic democrat proposal so they don’t look like they’re mean old conservatives. The democrats openly want America destroyed. Anyone supporting the democrats wants America destroyed too. Then the democrats have the nerve to say they’re following the constitution with voting laws. What a sick joke. The constitution was not followed. The illegal votes should have never been certified. Just because crooked politicians certified illegal results doesn’t make it Constitutional. Then they try to hide behind the Constitution. You democrats are truly sick little brainwashed minions that spout about the Constitution when for once it serves your purpose. 99% of the time you side against the Constitution and with liberal hack judges that make decisions politically not Constitunially. You sick, twisted commie f:*€s. Better bend over, I hear Henry coming for you. He’s real lonely. Old GW won’t answer his phone this late with Barbara there and Obama’s tied up with Lyndsey. Remember your Constitutional rights for illegal search and seizure. I’m sure he’ll stop then.



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