Wonderful statement made by Reg Cornelia

“A wonderful statement made by Reg Cornelia, a reader of Michael Goodwin in the great New York Post, “You are dead wrong and the theft of the 2020 election is the greatest crime in American political history. We would be fools to try to get it behind us. I worked for the Suffolk County Board Of Elections for 15 years and I can name 10 ways Dems and their accomplices perpetrated the theft, not counting whatever criminal mischief was involved with voting machines. If we do nothing to show the election was stolen and do not take serious measures to see it can’t happen again, we insure that it will. The election should be challenged even now.” Thank you, Reg!

Read here.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Marijo Makufka

Yes, we must overturn the 2020 STOLEN and RIGGED ELECTION. We the People prayerfully await the return of the GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER and the GREATEST 1ST FAMILY EVER!!!

My Man Trump

Brilliant statement by Reg. Sure wish he would have screamed it from the rooftops every week since it happened. Maybe we would have seen something done by now and DJT would be in the WH now instead of waiting. But then timing is everything and there sure was and is much to be done. See you soon.


Do whatever it takes to get Rudy for AG next time! He’s the only one I’ve seen with a track record of cleaning house.


If we continue to allow criminals to benefit from their crimes, then the fault is ours.

Time to prosecute Barr too!! It was HIS JOB to prevent things like this!


Prosecute Barr to the Fullest!

Dean Anoia

Agreed and all the tools they used to steal the election from our favorite President and…We The People




Never accept the results from 2020. Stolen elections have terrible consequences.

Mississippi Jen

The world knows the election was stolen. This charade is so embarrassing. All the perpetrators must be held accountable. It’s the only way we’ll get back freedom as they are the oppressors hiding their crimes! We need our duly elected President to BRING THE RAIN! We are waiting in the wings for you and praying for justice for all ❤🇺🇸


Yes! Correct 11/3/2020, and reinstate POTUS Trump before it’s too late!

Raven Hawk

If we do not fix the past – we cannot accept the future.


Spot On Reg Cornelia!

Dan for DT

120% spot on



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