Working hard to do damage

“Great reviews for TRUTH please. The disinformation lunatics are working hard to do damage. It won’t work, too strong and too good, maybe best ever – and only getting better. Besides, TRUTH has me, and failing, boring Twitter NEVER will (although they now want to, badly!). SPREAD THE WORD!”

By Donald J. Trump

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You are a true genious

My Man Trump

I would love to be on Truth Social!!! Still waiting. I have heard GREAT things about it, plus DJT is on it.

Ralph Fleming

If truth is so much better then why isn’t it available on android or a web based medium? You’ve been working on it for almost two years. There are kids that can get apps going faster than that. And if Twitter is so terrible why were you putting your posts from truth on Twitter? Or at least until they put a stop to that too. And lastly why is truth an almost identical copy of Twitter? I hope they find some patent or copyright violation and sue you. Truth will be about as tasteful as Trump vodka, about as tender as Trump steak, about as educational as Trump university, and about as lucrative as Trump casino.

Mary Geiger

What does it matter to you anyway? It doesn’t sound as if you’d partake in any Truth Social activity when it becomes available except to haunt it.

Ralph Flemnig

It matters to me Mary because I am trying to point out the hypocrisy and lies that make Trump, Trump. He claims it’s so much better than everything else with zero evidence and his supporters just swallow it like facts. He does nothing but lie and exaggerate anything he is involved in. He is terrible at judging people and his supporters, like sheep, vote for whoever he says. How many people did he hire and say were the best? Then when they either quit or got fired he said was terrible at their job and just completely worthless. Look at his track record and tell me how you can trust a single endorsement he makes? He doesn’t do any research into these people he just cares if they kiss his ass. He doesn’t know anything about politics in Wyoming, Alabama, Arizona, or almost any other state he doesn’t live in. Just look at the people that are against Dr. Oz. He does not know what is best for this country. And before you go accusing me of being some Commie libtard (talking mainly to you Stuart) please realize that Donald Trump is not the standard that many absolutely true Republicans hold themselves to. And I will join Truth social if/when it comes out for Android and I will continue to voice my opinion. Because I know how much all you conservatives are against cancel culture, right?


You may have got the point. It’s called freedom of speech. Unlike Twitter, your allowed to voice your opinions, it’s always good to hear both sides. Democrats want even debate an issue because they are one sided.


Ralph is just a Communist!
ULTRA MAGA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Still trying to get on. Having trouble logging in.


Truth Social is the BEST!

A new leaf on the tree

As an investor in equites, I have positions in the Truth Social SPAC and have a watch list for instant news/wire updates on both Truth and Twitter.

The Wall Street swamp pushes Twitter. They put out dozens of updates on the wire every day for that leftist mouthpiece and seldom for Truth. They do put up all of Elon Musk’s tweets but seldom any comments of the real president Trump. But who cares? Few people pay any attention to the news/wire anyway.

Many (unsophisticated) investors are confused believing that Twitter and Truth are competitors. Actually, they are not as Truth Social is a far superior product and not full of bots.

I like the way the engineers at Truth are building the software carefully and meticulously (as a former software engineer myself) one can see they are building a foundation for a full-service piece of software which will replace far more than just twitter,

If you can’t get on yet, be patient … Truth wasn’t built in a day 🙂


Well Said!
Thank You!


#MAGA 🌹🦁🇺🇸


Dear President Trump, I am doing the best I can for you💓 🌹🦁🇺🇸 I not able to join “truth” social at this time. I an on a little fire note pad, due to my laptop being fried. When you’re poor and disabled, it’s hard to find extra cash for new electronics.The fake news media are “knowingly” ignoring that
I helped you expose the swamp!!! I had written to every news channel and every news personality. Due to the news articles throwing”QAnon” under the bus, I have been labled a conspiracy theorist, a domestic terrorist and viciously attacked. I’ve been persecuted, targeted, restricted, dumped, unfriended, and my original face book account deactivated. This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I exposed the most evil demons on this planet. Instead of feeling that I’ve done something good, I feel like a zero, instead of a hero. I am praying that justice prevails real soon . I have never given up on your promise, that justice was coming. I am praying for you ,your family and fellow patriots. .Please help my family realize I was only trying to do the right thing. I have cried enough tears to fill an ocean. I’m thankful God counts our tears and bottles them. God bless you & Godspeed POTUS🙏🌹🦁🇺🇸 God bless the fallen patriots on this Memorial day. I am thinking of my dad and brother 🇺🇸 They both served in the USA Army. My dad was an Army medic and my brother a green beret. They both
have passed away.They share your beautiful name Donald. My dad’s middle name was George and my brothers’ James. I would love to see their military records. Neither were given a military send off to heaven. It still bothers me to this day. Please hurry back to the white house. I am trusting the plan. 💓#MAGA +++Q-anon


You can ask your congress person to look into seeing their records.


(The)Truth shall set you free…!


Rock N Roll!

Ken Locke

President Trump. It would be really nice if we could get on it with our home computer. Any word on that Sir? Thank you.


D. Trump is most likely frightened that people could put negative comments on his pronouncements. He can’t have that.


You are Full of SHIT!


We’re use to spewers like you, not much common sense.

Mary Geiger

President Trump has taken so much crap from you leftist Dums a few negative comments won’t faze him. He’ll just feel he’s back where he’s needed and ready to get to work shooing the roaches out of where they aren’t wanted.

Dan for DT

Yup–ya know when they start whining –Ya must be on target. –To Hell with them.

My Man Trump

You are here, aren’t you. DJT is not frightened of anything. Especially you little commie irritants.




Burn Them at the STAKE!

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