Our withdrawal from Afghanistan would be a conditions-based withdrawal

“Had our 2020 Presidential Election not been rigged, and if I were now President, the world would find that our withdrawal from Afghanistan would be a conditions-based withdrawal. I personally had discussions with top Taliban leaders whereby they understood what they are doing now would not have been acceptable. It would have been a much different and much more successful withdrawal, and the Taliban understood that better than anyone. What is going on now is not acceptable. It should have been done much better.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Criminal Joe Biden is a LOSER and will ALWAYS Be a Loser!

Joni Job

Trump’s warning to Taliban Leader

“We’re going to come back and hit you harder than any country has been hit. AND, your village, where I know you are and where you have everybody, That’s going to be the point at which the 1st bombs drop”

Pansy Joe won’t even talk to him


Exactly! That’s all these people understand.

Ralph Fleming

What did Trump do after the rocket attacks from the Taliban just a week or two after the signing of the cease fire?

Mike Hunt

If only Fred Trump had made a conditional withdrawal

True Americana

Dayyum. Well done.


and YOUR Mother had an Abortion!

Mike Hunt

Poor widdle DonDon, wants to play prezidents! I wanna be prezidents! I Donnie Wanna! Donnie Wanna!




One thing about president trump, he respects freedom of speech. Try complaining about Biden and you are eliminated. Thanks for your service president trump

Mike Kissinger

Well, no, Mr. Trump, you do not get to rewrite history.

Your administration did make a deal with the Taliban (not including the Afghan government) to withdraw all US troops on May 1, 2021. And the condition was that the Taliban would not kill US troops.

It was a month or 2 late, but the US troops are gone. Agreement and conditions were met. What no one anticipated was the Afghan government would fold so quickly.

…..and no, the 2020 election was not rigged.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mike Kissinger

Stop, you lost. Majority of people don’t care what trump has to say.

Drink Clorox

Yet Trump will continue to fleece his gullible flock of their money:

Trump’s campaign suckered donors out of tens of millions of dollars. The scam was not complicated. When people gave them money online, the donations came with pre-checked boxes authorizing the campaign to take donations every single week. They needed to uncheck the box to stop the automatic transfer. At first the auto-checked box simply said, “Make this a recurring monthly donation.” Then it added, “Make this a recurring weekly donation until 11/3,” with a second box below it, with even more text, authorizing an additional one-time $100 donation on September 29. Ultimately, the messages included two text-heavy boxes, filled with boldfaced, all-caps slogans, with a much less conspicuous line at the bottom informing whoever had made it through this mini op-ed that they were authorizing the campaign to drain their bank account.


Only a Democrat is dumb enough to sign something without reading it.


Wrong again!


biden has no idea how to run a Country, even though he’s just a puppet on a string. Whoever is making all the decisions for him is an idiot.

President Trump is the greatest President in my lifetime of 65 years! #SaveAmerica

Mike Hunt

Oh dirty Maga Mae, they’ll soon take her away & she will live in a comfy rubber room!

True Americana

So among all presidents since Eisenhower, you think Trump is the greatest. Well, you just go on believing that, bless your heart.


President Trump is the BEST!
President Trump 2024!

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