Would be Watergate times 10

“What Congressmen James Comer and Jim Jordan have revealed about the Biden Crime Family would be Watergate times 10 if this News was revealed 10 years ago. Our Fake News Media is corrupt at a level never seen before!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Sarah Luu

“Now Watergate Dos not bother me. Does your conscience bother you (Joe Biden)?. TELL THE TRUTH!!! (Joe Biden). SWEET HOME ALABAMA!!! …” RVZ 1948-1977 Rip Sarah Luu

Sarah Luu

If these crimes were even RUMORED to have been committed by a Conservative, (Especially President Trump), the Liberal “FAKE NEWS” media would be CREAMING IN THEIR PANTS (& panties) 24/7 non-stop & LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT, while selectively “reporting it”. Since these crimes are about THEIR friends, bed-partners,”sources”, they won’t cover it or call it “disinformation”. How can they even be called “reporters” when they DON’T REPORT &/OR TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEIR EVIL, LIBERAL,BARBARIC COMMUNIST BUDDIES ANYWAY? EASY! They ARE ALL IN “BED TOGETHER” in one way or another. The media has ENTIRELY Way-Too MUCH POWER. THE FOUNDING FATHERS HAD NO INTENTION OF ALLOWING THE MEDIA TO AID CRIMINALS WHEN THEY DECLARED “FREEDOM OF THE PRESS”. 250+ years ago, THE VAST MAJORITY OF PEOPLE, JUST AS OUR FOREFATHERS DID, HAD MORALS & a fear of God. SIMPLE, COMMON SENSE MORALS, LAID DOWN BY GOD, CENTURIES AGO. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THEIR MORALS? ONE thing for certain, LIBERAL CONTROLLED “FAKE NEWS” MEDIA, that was phased into TV PROGRAMMING. LETS HEAR some GOOD, FRESH IDEAS in RESOLVING this LOOPHOLE in our Constitution! ( & others ), that the LIARS in the “FAKE NEWS” Media Mafia use & take advantage of EVERY SINGLE DAY! Thank You ALL, Sarah Luu


Can you believe that the Biden Crime Family ran a Prostitution Ring in Europe?
I Guess Hunter and Cho Biden are ALSO PIMPS!
TRUMP 2024 for the 3RD TERM!

Sarah Luu

NO SURPRISE TO ME STUART! ANYTHING LABELED “CRIME” has the BIDEN NAME written right there along side it! Thanks my friend!, YOUR friend Sarah Luu


Biden Crime Family for GITMO!
TRUMP 2024!

Sarah Luu

How about Singapore? For CHEWING GUM, YOU would be sentenced to a CAINING w/ a split bamboo cane, right across your BARE ASS several times!! That’s why there’s little crime there & a CLEAN CITY!!!


Deep Throat turned out to be Deputy Director of the FBI (Mark Felt) – same as Andrew McCabe. Woodward and Bernstein received the leaks as reporters for Washington Post. Sound familiar?

And there’s more:


G. Gordon Liddy, a former FBI agent
Howard Hunt, a former CIA agent
 James McCord, a former CIA agent 
 John J. Sirica, chief judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia

Of the seven individuals indicted and later convicted of the planning and execution of the June 17, 1972, Watergate break-in, six had been employed by the CIA and the other was a former FBI agent.

Of the 35 witnesses who appeared before the committee, none accused President Nixon of knowing about the Watergate break-ins in advance, and only one, John Dean, implied that the President participated in the Watergate cover-up. 

newly released files from the National Archives has uncovered serious ethical breaches by both the special prosecutor’s office and by judges of the D.C. Circuit Court …… Jaworski and three senior members of his staff met secretly with the presiding judges without Nixon’s lawyers present. Such ex parte meetings violate the legal profession’s ethical standards.


I guess Cho Biden is DEEP THROAT.


It doesn’t matter what gets revealed, The Big Guy just smirks and brushes it off because he knows he will never be held accountable – at least not in this life.

Steve F

What has caused this current media environment to become so brazenly pravda-esque government propaganda? Historically, the media was given first amendment freedom because they worked to uncover government corruption and corporate fraud in order to inform and protect the citizens. Today, big media is literally conjoined with the government and mega corporations to actively cover up fraud and corruption, to perpetuate untenable ideologies and narratives and assist in persecution of the citizens. If behavior continues like this, it will not end well for the USA.


Well Said!
Thank You!

Sarah Luu



I agree!!!

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