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Mark Rakow

There’s not even a possibility of another Trump administration. Nor should there ever be again.


The old (Dem) non-sense that Putin wanted Trump as President is obviously proven false (to anyone paying attention).
Putin and China wanted a weak Democrat as president the entire time! Now they’ve got what they want and will take aggressive actions against their neighbors. Sad state of affairs.

American girl

please get rid of your spiritual advisory board President Trump. You are being led a stray by people you trust. call on God before it’s too late. Do not let them have the king’s ear!!!!!!


No Doubt, Biden is gonna pull “an Afghanistan” again. This is what he does best, destroy America. Everyone that supports Biden is complacent in his destroy America plan.

Mark Rakow

Bide only followed through on the “great” deal that Trump had made with the Taliban. He had no choice.

He couldn’t very well call them up, and say, “There’s a new President now, so the deal is off – and we’re going to make a new one.” The Taliban would never have tolerated that.


They have a new surgery for liberal liars who sew Bodooky called an esophanus sounds like it would be right up your alley. They stuff a tube down your throat and attach it to your esophagus than attach the other side to your anus and then the scheit just circulates round and round and round so the rest of us don’t have to keep hearing it. Try it marky you’ll like it!!!


100% CORRECT President Trump!

Rowland L. Holland

Yeah, well you didn’t have numerous backhanded deals with Ukraine that were swept up under the rug either, so why would you have gone to war about it ?

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Demented Joe and his entire administration are a disgrace. We need President Trump back in the White House ASAP!!

Marijo Makufka

The world respected the great USA when you were in office, President Trump!

Mark Rakow

It doesn’t matter what would have happened under the Trump Administration.

The Trump Administration is OVER.


Move to Russia!

Mark Rakow

You really do need some new material. You’ve become a parody of yourself.


It does matter, because he can run again. Which means USA can regain respect again. 45 was/is a strong intelligent leader versus the puppet President we have now.

Mark Rakow

Of course he can run again.

The question is, will he? Personally, I think not, for a number of reasons which I won’t go into here. That said, I suspect that, for the Republican Party, the phrase “elephant in the room” may become bitterly ironic.

But, continuing with the theme of old phrases, “when you lie down with dogs, you get fleas.” When you lie down with Trump, you get….what?

I shudder to think.


Dear President Trump, would it be possible for you to film a short clip of you talking of these things to go with each of these comments, or at least the major ones? It’s so bad, Biden is leading the US into catastrophic collapse and nuclear war.


so what would your admin have done????? Sure you would have involved Hunter!!!!


Hunter Biden = Smoking Crack with Russian Prostitutes and Who Knows What Else!


I will never forget the look on Merkel’s face when President Trump called out the German’s for handing over their energy supply to Russia while expecting the US to protect them from THE GREAT ENEMY itself, how spoilt these selected elites are. Same look that Theresa May often had pasted on her face. Look as well where Resident Bidet is getting gas from…RUSSIA. It seems like this Monster Cabal has too many fingers in too many pies and nothing they do or say adds up to rationality.
They won’t have a war with Russia, Napoleon tried to take Russia, as did Hitler they failed and they actually knew what they were doing. They cannot ever be successful in a war with Russian Troops, also it is IMPOSSIBLE because whatever they try and say about Putin, he is not stupid, he will not fall in to their traps. Compare what you have in the WH to Putin. I am not sure how much I trust Putin but I trust him 100% more than that dementia ridden, Obungo possessed, bone bag the Demonrats placed in stolen throne of the US presidency. I do not believe that Putin would risk the lives of millions of people for any reason, I do believe that Bidet would kill millions and not even bat an eyelid. The only people who are worried about the Ukraine are the people who launder their money through the country and we all know who they are.


Exactly !


Well said! 100%!

They posture for the camera, that’s all, then pocket their money and go home.

My Man Trump

Right on! Well said, even the insults were right on. We will just have to watch this play out. I do not trust FJB either, at all. But Putin may not strike.

My Man Trump

Don’t doubt the ability of fake news and FJBs willingness to use it.

My Man Trump

President Trump we need you NOW. FJB is a weak, pathetic and evil “leader” who is also illegitimate. He is going to engage us in war with Russia. He is leaving Americans in Ukraine. China is knocking fiercely on our door. FJB is horrible on all fronts, particularly foreign affairs. He won’t touch China because big tech and big business and the Biden crime family is deeply embedded with China. We are going to lose our country because of this SOB. This all has to stop. FJB created this because he is weak but that is not our fault. He is NOT our president and we do not want him. Please stop the madness,


There are still too many spoilt young socialists in the US, brain-washed by the communists for decades. Too many who still think Bidet is doing a good job. These people all seem to be comfortable as is normal, you have to be well off to agree with socialism. The decline has to affect them so they change. It will when the dollar tanks. When they see their investments disappear, when toilet paper is worth more than the dollar bills, when the young go without. It will change back to what works. President Trump has not gone away. He is still their number one target because he poses a massive threat to them. Trump hasn’t gone away. If he had done so they would not be so afraid of him. He could have retired and be leading a wonderful life and who would have blamed him. It is hard not to feel demoralised but take a look at the chaos the Demonrats have created. This is how it always goes with commies, but it is even more strange with American Communism because these Bernie Sanders commies want to be rich and comfortable too, they also all want the power. They don’t quite get it. That is one of the reasons they are all falling apart. America will remain, it is they who are disintegrating. They are destroying themselves. WE HAVE ONE PRESIDENT AND THAT IS TRUMP, HE WON, HE IS THE PRESIDENT. If they hadn’t of stolen it from him, we would have got another 4 years of the same relentless attacks and then what. This way is better.

My Man Trump

I hear you but I also take DJT at his word…..He will never allow America to be a socialist country. He will be back soon once all of his work is done. Almost there. You are absolutely right that it did have to be this way…. in order for him to eliminate the cabal and the deep state. You are watching very desperate radicals doing desperate things because trump has already won and they know it. Timing is everything and will never be disclosed because the enemy is watching and listening to everything. You see we even have the little irritants on this site.


Trump/Trump Admin. = smart people.

Biden/Biden Admin. and the democrat party = stupid people.


JMF = stupid person!!!


Kettle calling pot black huh!

Get in line for your esophanus gwen, it follws your next booster, and automatically qualifies you for government funded social security!! Plus I’m sure you’ll like the taste as enough of it comes out of your mouth around here.








At least Russian president Putin isn’t selling his people off to a one world govt, like our Demoncrat’s are selling off the American people to the Global power of a one world govt. Yes, Trump would have protected Americas Sovereignty, and upheld the Judeo-Christian principals and values this County was built upon- as best he could. Seems the legislative branch Demoncrat majority, in conjunction with the Supreme Court Justices, and the Biden regime, dont want to to do that. Coward SCJ keep pushing things back to the states that are about protecting our God given rights and securing the principles clearly defined in the federalist papers.

Kreg Vergith


In your administration, we weren’t worried that Joe would say the wrong stupid thing to the wrong world leader – Putin, Xi, the little rocket man, a nuclear Iran, jihadist splinter groups, etc., etc., etc., and get us into a globally cataclysmic shooting war.

The world respected us!!!


It’s sickening to see this stuff happening.

My Man Trump

Yes! We have been watching the major consequences of stolen elections where no one has done anything. And if someone, DJT, doesn’t do something before the dumbass takes us to war or the midterm elections, it will keep happening because we let him get away with it, or so it appears. Thank God we have President Trump or we would watch the steal in every election for generations, like Cuba and Venezuela. Now do you see why 2024 is too late. Keep your eye on our President and have faith. You will witness astonishing events.

Mark Rakow

It’s pretty astonishing that Republicans in seven states that Trump lost would have forged electoral documents, then sent them to the National Archives.

I expect to witness them being prosecuted.

My Man Trump

So it’s astonishing that rinos in seven states forged documents but FJB and his players and bad foreign actors stole an entire election and you defend it. FJB and the rinos have no regard for the constitution but you pretend to be a big atty. who works with the constitution everyday. LOL. In what capacity…how to destroy it.

Mark Rakow

While I am an attorney, in all modesty I don’t consider myself “big.” And given that I do, in fact, work with the Constitution every day, why on earth would I want to destroy it?

By the way, it’s interesting that you consider these individuals “RINOs.” On what basis do you reach that conclusion? Is it the fact that they broke the law on behalf of Trump? Or the fact that they were stupid enough to get caught trying?

R Minoglio

I agree. Joe Biden and the Dummocrats are destroying our great country. We have to stop them before it is to late.


They are destroying themselves. It is very plain to see this. They need no help from anyone else. Too many entities are vying with each other for control of America now. They were friends to steal the election, now stolen they are enemies to each other. They will fight until one is left and that victorious enemy will be exhausted from the fight. It is then that you take your country back. Remember Biden has mental health disease but his puppet master – President Obungo, it a very stupid, arrogant man who cannot handle the results of his actions.

My Man Trump

Don’t forget weak as hell.


So why would Joe encourage Russia like he did, in his press conference . Makes one wonder if there is a cover up or revenge against Ukraine , as a result off Hunters corruption. Sulfur smell in the air.

The hate in White House is spreading across borders. Political wars never end well.

Mark Rakow

Did you hear what Biden ACTUALLY said…..or just what the right-wing media has been reporting? They’ve altered his words to a certain extent, resulting in a very different meaning.

Craig Barrett

We need THE PRESIDENT back don’t need the resident

Yuk Chun Birch

Almighty God, please open many of these deliberately “blind eyes” not only to see but also to acknowledge the success of the Trump administration. 🙏 the corrupt media not able to deceive people no more!


I KNOW!!!!!

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