Wow, that’s like Democrat Disinformation!

“Nobody has been stronger for the 2nd Amendment than President Donald J. Trump, and yet, Ron DeSanctus took an advertisement this weekend saying, of all things, I was in agreement with Crazy Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, “NOT.”Wow, that’s like Democrat Disinformation! This weekend at the NRA Convention in Indianapolis, I had, by far, the biggest crowd and got, not even close, the most enthusiastic ovations. I was there, in person. DeSanctus didn’t even show up – Was concerned he would be booed!”

By Donald J. Trump

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If it wasn’t for 45 we wouldn’t have guns now! He picked real constitutionalists judges for our Supreme Court!

Sarah Luu

Not just booed, but BONED! He’s ONLY hurting himself. I ways thought that he was a decent guy, not a bad Gov. of FL. , not a RINO. But AFTER I read the PROOF on his voting record, I don’t think he could be elected as a “sanitation engineer”(garbage man!). He’s ONLY did this to himself. WHY? Mislead by poor advisors? Somehow he believes he could begin to STAND A CHANCE AGAINST YOU? “So Sad!” We ALL love YOU BIG GUY! Keep SPREADING THE WORD ABOUT THIS TURNCOAT! Sarah Luu


I trust my gift of discernment! From the beginning, I trusted DeSanctus to be okay for FL, but he CANNOT go near the White House! Too many “shady” past incidents.

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J. Trump, My older sister was 80 years old and often she gave to political campaigns even though she was poor as a church mouse. Once she asked me about contributing to a campaign by DeSantis and it sounded like a scam, so I advised her to throw it out. Since then, I heard good things about DeSantis and wondered if I had advised my sister wrong. I’m sure my sister would have appreciated your input as must all seniors who are contemplating voting for Ron DeSantis. He seems to do good things for FLORIDA, but maybe his forte in in state government. I pray that he does not get involved with the dark side . Nancy A. Daylo


Desantis is Getting Desperate!
TRUMP 2024 in a LANDSLIDE in the General Election!


much evil effort against Christians

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