“The White House stated strongly that they were NOT INVOLVED, and knew absolutely nothing about, the political Witch Hunt going on with me, & that they didn’t know anything at all about the Break-In of Mar-a-Lago. This was strongly reiterated again & again. WRONG! Remember, these are the people who spied on my campaign, denied it, & got caught. Through the great reporting of John Solomon (Fake Pulitzer Prize?), documents reveal they knew everything, in fact led the charge – a political NO, NO!”

By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

The entire regime is a political NO, NO!


I sure wish their pants would catch on fire or their nose would grow long every time they lie! Maybe then they would have some accountability.


Lol, that’s a good one.

Sarah Luu

This giant wet bag of 5hit for brains, FULLY BELIEVES that they can BOLD-FACE LIE about ANYTHING, with the assistance of the “FAKE NEWS MEDIA”, & EVERYONE will believe them. WE ALL know that they are completely FULL of HORSE-5HIT! They are so arrogant, self absorbed, they LIE so much that they are TOTALLY UNAWARE from their own lies & the truth. STAY STRONG Mr. President. YOU KNOW that WE know the truth & STAND WITH YOU ALL THE WAY. With the GREATEST OF LOVE, RESPECT, & TOTAL GRATITUDE, Sarah Luu


They planned it just like the stolen election and Jan 6, along with everything else corrupt they’ve done.


Spot On!
EVERYTHING listed above was planned by the Commie-Libs!


There is no doubt everyone in the White House knew about the entire sham operation,Biden signed off on it however he no longer remembers anything, he could not bag groceries without a teleprompter to remind him to to ask paper or plastic. Jill is a cruel wife, allowing him to continuously embarrass himself and the whole country, I wouldn’t wish dementia on anyone but I absolutely believe he and his family belong in prison.A mind is a terrible thing to waste but he doesn’t even care.He is an absolute joke.


Does the resident ever say the truth about anything? NO


The “fake” news media knows, I exposed all the names, of government swamp, and Hollywood elite, in Epstein’s flight log. They also know, I exposed Nancy Pelosi, in the underground rooms, of Epstein island, caught on, security camera ch11. I spent painful and sleepless nights, researching and archiving, sensitive “declassified” documents and files from QResearch. There are no coincidences how or why, I found my way into the back channel, of open source information. I had to sign an agreement, and pass security clearance. I took an oath to expose the enemy both foreign and domestic. It has been nearly four years since I exposed this demonic trafficking/pedophile ring. It took courage exposing the “swamp” and I am “knowingly” ignored. I have been viciously attacked and persecuted, mocked and targeted, restricted and deactivated. I have sat here in tears for the last four years, watching the biggest cover-up, in USA history. No one wants to acknowledge I exposed the “swamp”!! The news articles trashing “Qanon” are intentional disinformation. There are no coincidences, why I exposed the “elites” dirty little secret drug (andrenochrome). The drug is derived from adrenalized blood, of victims experiencing painful trauma/torture/sacrifice. I’m not a conspiracy theorist or a domestic terrorist. I’m not antisemtic or a white supremist. I’m an empathetic Christian who is caring and loving.I saw,something and I said something and no one cares at all. I suffer with the most painful disease known to mankind RSD/CRPS. I’ve endured twenty two years of 24/7chronic pain, my pain signals never shut off. I’ve survived twenty two years of trauma surgeries, requiring many ‘units’ of blood.. The total disregard and lack of empathy, is what hurts the most. What these demons have done for money, power and fame, is sick and demonic. It has alway been about the children and precious blood.This truly is a holy war of good vs evil. It took courage exposing all of the demons.This hasn’t been a ‘Great Awakening” for me at all. I have never felt so all alone and insignificant.

Last edited 1 year ago by Diane(Lion)

Thank you very much!! We all need to know what is really going on . I’m sorry you have been treated so badly..

Sarah Luu

Come On Girl!, PLEASE POST IT!!


Nancy Pelosi is a Sadomasochist and an Alcoholic!
Her husband AKA “Crash” is an Alcoholic and Jailbird!

jo young

we know and are watching very closely; however, the trump hate is so strong that telling who is lying and who isn’t is getting real tough.

Steve F

Sadly, it’s only a political no-no if there are consequences to suffer from being caught, which apparently there are not in America any longer. You are literally asking a corrupt DOJ and a corrupt FBI to police themselves as well as to enforce actual laws on a corrupt White House, which sponsors them. we all know that isn’t happening.

Last edited 1 year ago by Steve F
Michael Jenson


Michael Jenson

bunch of lying SOB’s, IRS, FBI, CIA, CID AND BRICS I’LL keep my Dollar ya’ll kiss my ass….



Brad Bowen

same dishonest people who claimed that Trump referred to Nazis as “very fine people”.  same dishonest organizations that claimed Trump stood on the graves of our great military calling them “losers”. Trump did not lie about his desire to put American people first rather than the people of the world as have all others. Did not lie about his desire to oppose foreign wars after eliminating ISIS (the jv team). Did not lie about who he would nominate to the Supreme Court. Did not lie about moving embassy to Jerusalem. Did not lie about Biden family feeding out of the swamp. Did not lie about banning virus travel from China. Did not lie about dozens of racism narratives. Did not lie about commitment to life.
The false narrative about the military graves is particularly despicable to me. It is not something that we should repeat even if some idiot does say; at the graves! 


The “Biden Crime Family” and his Criminal Organization the dept of No Justice and the Gestpo/fbi ORDERED the Illegal Search and Seizure!
FJB! the Commie-Libs and THESE CRIMINALS!


When the Constitution warns about “enemies domestic“, the founding fathers had exactly the kind of low-down despicable traitors who are now intent on destroying the country in mind. If they despise the USA and its traditions, why don’t they do a deal with China to all go and live there?

Anna Leal

The gaslighting by this administration is laughable.


They have been caught to many times yet continue to lie.
They are the insurrection. They must pay for what they are doing to you and our Country.
They have used lies and propaganda to attack you. They are using our own government entities to do so.
They Rigged and Stole our Election.
They are all criminals.

Sarah Luu

The Biden FVCKS had good-EVIL teachers – THE CLINTON MAFIA. If “Mister Bill & The Master Rotten CVNT of all, Hillary” can & could get away with it, why not them?

Ron Frump

What a lying crybaby you are.


Nice Picture!

James W Darrenkamp

You know what else is wrong? How long this is taking. I understand why certain things had to be done this way, but the majority of the American public are on board. My wife is at home dying because of this corruption and what it has done to our medical industry. For the love of everything Holy, please hold them accountable now and release the cures that they have so long hidden from us.


The WH = DNC.
We all know the NWO runs the DNC, so it’s beyond safe to say, the DNC was, and has been behind everything corrupt.
Hurry Back Mr. President, 2024 is far too long to wait!

R Minoglio

Thank you President Trump. We can’t let them bring our great country down more. We must fight them and take our country back. The demoRATS hate America and the American people. Wake up people. We are only 1 election away from losing our once great nation.


why would we believe anything they would say ever?




THEY LIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Since President Trump came down the escalator, it has been non stop witch hunts and hoaxes. Sick and tired of swamp rats and fake news medias. Where is the outrage for the spying which took place against President Trump’s campaign??
Save America!

Mags Kenney

The entire world knows how they lie. They are an embarrassment to all-



Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Yet they keep ramming this CRT and woke garbage down our throats like they are Xi and the CCP. ENOUGH!!


I support these efforts but I am tired of hearing trust the plan. We need action now or there will literally be nothing to save. American’s are struggling at this illegal administration that thinks they are above the law. We need to stand together as a country and take our country back. It’s our constitutional right to over throw a tyrannical government. If we sit around and trust the plan it will be too late. we need to remove them ASAP.



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