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Lincoln Douglas

Thank you Mr.President and well played (again). This forces some people to play their cards. Times are complex and Americans need to stay united.

AAMPLLC® Airmen Anderson

Good evening Mr. President in your Letter here to the American people you mentioned:

Almost 2 million illegal aliens from over 160 countries have crossed America’s southern border this year alone—and the true number is much higher than that. There’s no “vaccine mandate” for illegal aliens on the border—yet while inviting in millions of unvaccinated illegal aliens to violate our laws, Biden is fighting to prevent American workers and American children from freely living their lives.

Pandemic turned Plandemic, I think so…
Mr. President what does this tell you? Psychological – Biological Warfare – Genocide as the New World Order Cabal is using any means to take down the Free speaking World…

Innocent healthy people are being coerced to take deadly mRNA/DNA synthetically engineered drugs that have not received complete Safety Placebo testing to date… and don’t even come close to the clinical definition of a vaccine “Immune Therapy” playing Russian roulette with Humanity without people even knowing it!

Frankly Mr. President according to the Nuremberg Code Act of 1947 that everyone seems to be ignoring demands the use of any effective therapeutic means and/or method first before any possible exploratory vaccine measure can be used… And we already have done this effective therapeutic measure 5X over in discovery but are not using this measure as a top priority medical protocol why? This is very disturbing. Then come to find out from Dr. Judy A Mikovits a renowned Virologist and Author that the ventilator is the wrong treatment for this RNA virus.

EUA mRNA/DNA synthetically engineered drugs that have been hijacked by Big Pharma minion’s coercing innocent healthy Americans to take without complete informed consent some tainted some saline are still experimental drugs! Coercing Americans to get tested when in fact according to many renowned Doctors around the World there is no test on the Schedule for any RNA virus that 100% works outside of a simple blood sample if that. Shall we test for the Common Cold?

With all the Billions spent on R&D for viral tests the wrong measure then to scrub the viral tests created shows this evil Crime against Humanity exists. Fauci’s Critic the Late Dr. Kary B Mullis is probably turning in his Grave right now… Inventor of the Polymerase Chain Reaction Analysis machine PCR never was designed to be a viral test. But leave it to Fauci to steal the late Dr. Mullis’s invention & claim it to do something that it was not designed to do…

Essential Medicines known for 70-100 years have been taken away that can combat this ramped up virus. Essential medicines and therapeutics 5 confirmed to work by the Trump Administration but yet not widely used as a top protocol measure! This is insanity the whole Pandemic that went Plandemic in 24 months could go away overnight if we just get the Politics & corruption out of Medical Science and Repeal the Bayh-Dole Act of 1980.

But I have to ask why are we here Mr. President? Our Medical Science hijacked, our three separate branches of Gov’t severely breached with corruption, our Elections Stolen, our Sovereignty in check, while the fate of all Nation’s hang in the balance for the Free speaking World to stand up! Mr. President “We the People” need to get our House in order…

Every Gov’t entity around the World has practically violated the Nuremberg Code Act of 1947 tenfold including our own! Yes, medical Science can bring new vaccines to market but the Politics Plague of corruption must be removed first so the Faith in Medical Science can be restored. Dr. Judy A Mikovits, Virologist and Author of the “Plague of Corruption Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science” will tell you. https ://

God save the Republic! God save the Free speaking World!

Last edited 1 year ago by AAMPLLC® Airmen Anderson
AAMPLLC® Airmen Anderson

Web Address redirect corrected… Dr. Judy A Mikovits, Virologist and Author of the “Plague of Corruption Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science” will tell you.


My research also confirms what you show above. All the New Facts are now available from many trustworthy people – various Medical Doctors, Lawyers and Politicians (Sen Paul and Johnson).
Pres. Trump, please take action and EXPOSE this Corruption by FAUCI, BIG PHARMA & THE MEDIA – if they have their way, millions of more people will die and be injured in the future from these DEADLY VACCINES !
Any great Leader who receives NEW FACTS which he was not aware of at the time of decision making and then takes the NEW APPROPRIATE ACTION, is truly a Great Leader.

Pres. Trump, I know that you wanted to help Americans and people all over the world with a Vaccine for the Covid “Plandemic” and you did produce it in record time with the help and pressure you put on the Drug Companies, BUT IT IS NOW CLEAR THAT Big Pharma and your “trusted Officials” – DECEIVED YOU AND LIED TO YOU – PLEASE EXPOSE THIS CORRUPTION and many more people all over the world will be saved from Death and Injury, they will be ever thankful and will support you as a Truly Great Leader !

This is certainly not an easy thing to do, but first gather all the latest facts for yourself, have it verified to ensure you are 100% satisfied and correct about all the latest facts and then you simply MUST DO IT !


Forward this to Mr Trump.
Loyal digital patriot here, with some IMPORTANT straight talk. You MUST address the fact that Ivermectin is the #1 Treatment, could have saved the MAJORITY of lives that died on your watch AND on his. The pandemic would have been over. All flavonoids work to varying degrees. You run the risk of losing most of your base if you do not. This is only half of the reason for the “boos” for promoting boosters, but we’ll address the other half in another post.

The Science shows 107 studies showing good to great efficacy (85% avg roughly) vs 6 that say “none or negative”. About 22 meta analysis that mostly show positive efficacy with robust data, with a couple they try to manipulate to make look otherwise. This is the data they are quoting when they say “no evidence” that it works. has collected all of the published studies in 1 database for everyone, with links to the sources so you know the data is correct and in original form. Always ask for the cited DATA.
This site has collected ALL of the treatments (that I know about) for Ivermectin so they may be compared and found in 1 place. It includes Hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir, the new expensive Mulnopiravir from Merck which isn’t half as good as Ivermectin, etc.. if it’s been published, it’s there. It is updated DAILY.

This is in SPITE of NONE of the studies using the FULL protocol as found and used by Dr Kory Dr Marik Dr Varon
Dr Zalenko Dr DeMello Dr Chetty and other doctors with VERY successful treatment records with their patients 4,000 to 42,000 (each) (mulnopiravir) (remdesivir)

When I discovered Ivermectin efficacy after the Senate hearing on Dec 8, 2020, and reviewed the data for 2 days straight to make sure it was correct, I had hope…
I tweeted it to YOU and ALL of your administration. No replies.
I tweeted it to O’Biden and all the admin I knew about then. No replies.
Gates foundation started a trial, and then BURIED it, bought a lot of time. We lost hope…

I tried emails to my representatives, local health orgs, anyone across the world. No replies from anyone, except for small bubbles of like minded individuals trying to do the same. And we have not shut up about it ever since, because the science is solid.

I am at your disposal if you need any help finding the specific science or studies or the warning from Dr Zalenko and Dr Malone (inventor of the mRNA vax with 9 patents)


I agree with you 100%. Pres. Trump, must now get fully briefed with all the latest Covid information and the Death and Injuries that the JAB causes – then he must go public to tell the people how he was deceived and lied to by his “trusted Officials” about how effective the vaccines will be. This Vaccine was developed as a BIOWEAPON by Fauci and his cohorts (they have a track record during the AIDS days the followed the same playbook) for purposes of Depopulation and to rake in HUGE Profits !

EARLY TREATMENT (Ivermectin, etc.) with Dr. Zelenko and other GREAT Doctor’s – tried and tested prescriptions is the way to defeat this Pandemic all over the world.


that’s what happens when one relies stupidly, on a mild gene-therapy that only acts a poison itself, causing your own body’s defense (immunity) to get to work. all the while ignoring and hiding/forbidding appropriate therapeutically beneficial substances that can actually help with the symptoms and caused many deaths—that’s the real blood on hands that obiden and his non-Christian crew have. does one cast a leg before it’s broken? does one take an antihistamine when there is no annoying runny nose?

Carmine Gazerro

If you look at it from the less goals that they wanna destroy the country, destroy the economy destroy the residence they hate the people of this country. Then they’re very successful Joe you’re doing a great job according to the rules of the Democrats

Carmine Gazerro

If I had stage four cancer I’d have to take a few people with me guess where the list would start




Joe Biden is a nothing more than a CRIMMINAL and a LIAR!




Thank you, Brandon!


For what?! Name one good thing Biden has done. Everything he touches he destroys. Immigration is a disaster, covid is still here, prices have gone way up. His disapproval rating is rivaled only by Kamala’s, who by the way is completely inept. I can’t think of one good thing he’s done in the past year, and I’m the kind of person who believes in giving credit where it’s due, so if someone I loathed did something good for America I’d say so.


Tabbysaurus, there are too many accomplishments to list. You probably do not hear about them because, as you have acknowledged in the past, you do not watch credible news stations like NBC, ABC, and CBS. Look up “Joe Biden’s accomplishments” online and you can see them for yourself. I know that you do not care for Mr. Biden, but let’s not pretend that he hasn’t accomplished anything as president. Let’s also not pretend that he is responsible for the Covid situation when it is mostly Trump supporters (although not Mr. Trump himself) who have encouraged people not to take the vaccines.


Shell: I apologize this is going to be long, but I’m answering your comment over on the Merry Christmas post also as I’m tired of running back and forth lol.

First, you asked why I think the 2020 election was stolen, because Trump said so or because I want it to be true? Actually, neither; I’m not the type to believe something just because I want it to be so. I do because there is just too much “monkey business” going on. Since when do they stop counting votes in the middle of the night? Why were poll watchers booted out of polling places? Why are there videos of suitcases full of ballots being pulled from under tables after the poll watchers left? I’ve been hearing about dead people “voting,” etc., since long before 2020. The Arizona Cyber Ninja audit turned up a whole lot of irregularities. There are even Democrats who think there was election fraud. Believe me, I’d actually prefer that Biden did win fair and square–far from being wishful thinking, it’s maddening to think how much Trump and his voters were cheated!

As for Trump’s history, I’m not sure what you’re referring to in particular, but if you’re getting your info from the mainstream media I’ll bet it’s skewed a bit. When Trump ran for president, I did look up his background and his multiple bankruptcies, etc. made me very suspicious of him. It was hearing and seeing what he did for the country that won me over in the end. I’m not saying I think everything he’s ever done is wonderful, by any means! But it pales in comparison to Biden.

I am stunned that I’m one of the few people you’ve ever heard call Biden corrupt and a liar. How does everyone not know that? How about Hunter’s laptop, complete with evidence of underhanded dealings overseas that “the big guy” (Joe Biden) profited from (and of course lied about)…and videos of him (Hunter) hanging out with a prostitute? How about the job in Ukraine that Hunter got because of who his father is, that he had no qualifications for? And Biden’s lies? Where does one start?

“If you get the vaccine, you will not get sick.” Wrong.

“I was arrested while trying to visit Nelson Mandela.” Factually wrong.

He lied about his education and degrees. He lied about not leaving Afghanistan until everyone was evacuated. He told us he wouldn’t mandate vaccines, and proceeded to do so. He said he fixed the supply chain crisis–he didn’t. He constantly tells stories about his past that didn’t happen, such as a story he tells over and over about talking to a Amtrak conducter during his 7th year as vp–turns out the guy retired 15 years earlier and had DIED by that time! It couldn’t have happened. He claims to have helped in the civil rights movement, apparently forgetting that years ago he said he was not involved in the civil rights movement. He claimed to have visited the synagogue where they had the shooting a few years ago…the synagogue says he was never there. Oh yes, and the Build Back Better plan costs zero dollars. That is impossible. The list just goes on and on and on. Of course people misspeak sometimes, and some people stammer. This goes far beyond anything that can be explained away that easily.

I’m going to have to answer your comment here later when I have time. Anyway, just ask yourself why you’ve never heard about any of this. Why is the media you trust so much not talking about the laptop–if it’s all false, they should be openly debunking it. What are they hiding?


Ok, reply part 2: As I’m sitting here, the radio is on and they just talked about covid outbreaks on two cruise ships. If the vaccines are so wonderful, why are there outbreaks on those ships when everyone is vaccinated? How about Vermont, which back in the fall or summer had one of the highest vaccination rates but their numbers were surging? And if the vaccines are so great, what does it matter if I’m not vaccinated–you should be safe, right? I highly recommend you check out “The Real Dr. Fauci” by Robert Kennedy, Jr.–who I doubt is a Trump supporter; the book is excellently researched. These vaccines are dangerous, with thousands upon thousands of adverse reactions recorded. Just last week a friend (who did get the first shot) told me her niece was forced to take the shot or be fired from her nursing job (which in itself is unconstitutional and incredibly evil). After her first shot she had a headache for three weeks. After the second, half of her face went numb. No thanks, I don’t need that…I’ll take my chances with the illness itself, which I have 99.8% chance of surviving. Especially with omicron, which is much milder, despite the media’s meltdown over it.

I still can’t think of anything Biden has done in office that I agree with, and I notice you didn’t list any yourself. All I’ve seen him doing is signing mountains of executive orders to dismantle all the good things Trump left behind; failing at foreign policy, immigration, and the economy; and overstepping the bounds of the presidency to dictate to the American people. Later I will google “Biden’s accomplishments” and see what they come up with…I’m genuinely curious!

As far as calling the mainstream media credible–CREDIBLE! They have lied over and over again, more times than anyone could count. If you want some examples, I’ll give the tip of the iceberg. Please don’t be offended by what I’m about to say, because I’m not saying it as an insult; in my head I’m using a pleading tone–you have been blinded by the media. So blinded, and it drives me nuts because I really like you and I hate to see people being lied to and believing it. As surely as I know the sun rose this morning, I know you have been lied to. You said once that Fox fact-checks, so you can’t believe they are too far in right field…tune in to them any night and you will see the media’s lies exposed. As in, “This is what CNN just said, and this is the facts that are the comlete opposite.” I hope so much that someday you will see the truth, because as an American you deserve to know it.


Hi, Tabbysaurus! Thank you for your response. I wanted you to know that I will be responding with a lengthy post of my own but might not have time to post it until tomorrow, so please check back. In the meantime, please do look up “Joe Biden’s Accomplishments” online, because he has already done our country a lot of good, most recently was getting the infrastructure bill passed, which most Americans see as a great thing.

Last edited 1 year ago by Shell

Hi Shell, just saw your reply as I was coming here to put my response about Biden’s accomplishments, which I just looked up.

Ok I looked up “Biden’s accomplishments” and selected a Yahoo News article. I think what it comes down to is we have different views of what “accomplishment” means. I don’t argue that Biden accomplished a lot this year; but I don’t consider them good things! I copy pasted their list here; my comments are in ().

Biden’s accomplishments this year include:

The $1.9 trillion Covid relief deal. (I’m for helping out those individuals and businesses really struggling because of covid [though I technically disagree as back in our early days the government was never designed to be a charity], but at some point it has to stop. We can’t afford it! At least make sure the money only goes to those who need it. There are tons of jobs out there, but some people aren’t working because they can live just as well or better on the government…not good for our economy.)

The $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. (The one that has very little to do with infrastructure and a lot to do with socialism…and a lot of money we don’t have.)

Getting 72 percent of American adults fully vaccinated. (You know my thoughts on the vaccine so not getting into that. Ultimately, though, I think if you want the shot, that’s fine; you have every right. And I have every right to refuse it, which is a concept the Biden administration is blatantly ignoring. Never before has a presidential administration so bullied citizens to get a medical treatment; it’s absolutely outrageous and against everything America is supposed to stand for! Even if I was for the vaccine I would say what they’re doing is dangerously unconstitutional.)

Getting federal judges appointed and confirmed. (Ok I’ll give him that; every president does. I’m sure they are all liberals though, so not a positive for me.)

An economy where the unemployment rate has dropped to 4.2 percent.
(That is deceptive because the unemployment rate only represents people who are actively looking for work. It doesn’t count those who have given up, or who are just living off the government checks the government gives out like candy.)


Hi, Tabbysaurus! Here is the response I promised. I will begin with Hunter Biden. I had heard some contradictory stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop. I will not pretend to know all the facts on this but will point out that he has not been charged with a crime. I also haven’t seen any videos of Hunter with a prostitute, but, if they do exist, that would not make me think less of Joe Biden, as he is not responsible for the actions of his adult son. As I’m sure you are aware, unethical recordings of Mr. Trump and photos of him with persons of questionable character are also readily available online. 
As far as Biden lying, some of what you classified as lies were not at all deceitful on his part, as he was just saying what he believed to be true at the time. Other things you listed, such as about his education, I will take time to research within the next few days when I have more time. If that is in fact true, I would agree that is alarming, but no more alarming than the election falsehoods Mr. Trump spreads on a daily basis and not nearly as damaging to our country.
I must admit that I find it very unsettling that you refer to President Biden as a “corrupt liar” while viewing Mr. Trump as a godsend. What about in 2018 when Mr. Trump was forced to shut down his charitable foundations and repay several million to different charities for illegally using its funds for his own interests?  Would you not consider that corrupt? I know I would.
As far as the vaccines, I understand that people have varying views on their worth. I personally think it was one of the greatest accomplishments during the Trump Administration. Regardless, I think you know that Covid would be just as much a problem today if Donald Trump was still the president. If not, I would be interested in knowing why.
Concerning election fraud, the findings of the Arizona audit have been available for some time now. As we already discussed, the results confirmed, not only that Mr. Biden won the state, but that he won it by even more votes than originally thought.  Those are the facts. Accusations about thousands of dead people voting and suitcases stuffed with ballots have also proven false. You mentioned that it drives you nuts when people cannot see the truth. It drives me nuts too but frightens me even more because I can see how these election-fraud claims have damaged our democracy. We saw it on Jan. 6 when Trump-supporters were trying to overthrow the will of the people. 
I want to introduce you to the below website where you can go to check the credibility of the news sources you rely on. I’ve visited it several times myself and think the results might surprise you!
Tabbysaurus, I know you are sincere in your support of Mr. Trump. I can respect that as I know that there are many politicians who only pretend to support him for the sake of their careers. There is, however, a reason why Mr. Trump’s lawsuits have been unsuccessful, and it’s not because all our courts are corrupt.  I’ll check back on this page for the next couple of evenings in case you want to respond. Have a good week!


I’m going to reply quick as next few days will be full with New Year’s, putting away Christmas decorations (sniff!), etc.

Starting with Hunter…just because he hasn’t been charged with a crime in no way means he isn’t guilty! And a Biden/Democrat controlled government isn’t going to let that happen. True, Biden isn’t responsible for what his adult kid does, but if it were Don Jr. or Eric Trump we were talking about, it would be front page news everywhere. And the laptop shows that Biden was getting pay-offs from Hunter’s business dealings.

I have to admire your desire to think the best of Biden, but I assure you his lies are matters of record. I’ll try to find a couple links to articles.

I don’t know about the 2018 thing. If true then I would certainly say it was unethical, but then, who reported this, CNN?

You ask an interesting question about if we’d be in the same place with covid if Trump were in office. I’m not sure! The virus has to run its course, like any epidemic. There’s no stopping it, and the omicron variant is really encouraging because it’s less severe (ten deaths worldwide, I heard last night) and shows covid is weakening. I would say there would have been less spread of delta because Trump would have closed the border; under Biden it’s been wide open, and his administration basically admits they aren’t testing illegals, which is incredibly irresponsible. Also, Trump would have never imposed a vaccine mandate, so we wouldn’t have had people losing jobs, etc. So I think we’d be in a better place with Trump, but covid would still be here.

There were two Arizona audits, if I remember correctly. One of which the media talked about because it said Biden won. The other showed a whole lot of illegal stuff and was ignored. Just pretend, for a second, that I’m right, and the Democrat party rigged the election. Do you think they’d allow the truth to come out now? Of course not…they will do what it takes to cover their tracks. Somewhere on this post someone comments that all those court cases about the election weren’t heard…they were denied hearings or whatever the legal term is. That’s not justice, that’s corruption at worst or not wanting to deal with it at best.

Thanks for the link; I checked it out. I have to say I have a rather dubious view of the site, though. Who are these fact-checkers? What are their credentials? I was looking for an “about us” type page but didn’t see one. I did see they labeled a couple Christian organizations (and I’m not talking about weird cults or anything) that I support, and their biblical views, as “quackery,” which I find pretty offensive. I noticed that that did correctly label CNN and MSNBC as left-leaning, though! 😉

It’s lunchtime and my phone is almost kaput so I’d better quit. Will give you a couple links when I can. Happy New Year–I think we can both agree we want a good 2022!


Thanks, Tabbysaurus! I went ahead and visited that last link you provided, as is a website I have used myself in the past. It did confirm what I included in my post with the exception that it states that Mr. Trump “agreed” rather than “was forced” to shut down the charity as part of the agreement with New York’s attorney general. Also, if you visit that link I provided and click on “Transparency,” you will find the “About” page for the website. Happy New Year and, yes, here’s to an awesome 2022!  

Kreg Vergith

President Trump, like any effective leader, will always seek the very best advice he can find.
In that effort, His Eminence Fauci was dismissed as a fraud and a grifter after his first of many flip-flops.

Operation Warp Speed brought the vaccines to the world in record time because there was nothing else available that had any effect on the China Virus. There was simply no other alternative!

Some developed side-effect symptoms, some saw no benefit at all, sadly, some died, and in others, the vaccine helped them fight off the virus and they went on with their lives – with antibodies.

Dealing with biological organisms – humans included, often involves an educated roll of the dice, because something may be found which is better than current treatments.

Viruses will mutate, and vaccines are re-designed to combat them as they appear.
It’s an ongoing battle which will force the China Virus into the class of the common cold and the flu, which are also Coronaviruses. Witness the difference between Delta and Omicron.

President Trump took exactly the right first step at exactly the right time.
It had to be done, and done quickly, and he made it happen.

He single-handedly saved millions of lives around the world, and we owe him our thanks and gratitude.


Whomever allowed the pharma companies NO LIABILITY for the vaxes made a HUGE error. NEVER AGAIN!

Johnny Appleseed




Kreg Vergith

Congrats, but could you stop yelling?

Johnny Appleseed

But I like yelling…..


He needs to be removed from the White House. He stole the office, and how many others in Congress were not elected either?


100% Correct!


at LEAST 1 in KY, 2 in GA, … too many to list actually, off the top of my head


Wake me up I am having a nightmare and it has something to do with stupid people ruling the world.


Sorry to tell you this, but I’m having the same dream 😣

My Man Trump

Biden is not only illegitimate, he is an incompetent joke. But nobody is laughing. Just look at the polls. Everyone’s eyes are open now. I do not think that Biden’s handlers knew he was going to concede and follow the constitution on the pandemic. He’s probably going to get a spanking and sent to the basement.


he’ll show up with that signature “damaged” foot, like last time, like Hilary did, etc … that tells others “if you don’t stick to the script, there will be consequences”


Stolen elections have DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES!! Biden needs to grow a spine and fine the courage to make things right…tell the truth Joe. Do it for your children, your grandchildren, the American people….or you and your administration will go down in history as the most corrupt criminals in US history. The TRUTH WILL COME OUT…it ALWAYS does.

Daniel Bacon

Biden does not know how to tell the truth.

Carmine Gazerro

Elections have consequences, stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.

“Stephen K. Bannon” 1/29/2021

Kreg Vergith

Can he call it right, or what?!


Do for his children??? Look at all he has done to his own family which is very disgusting.


What did he do to his children, Cindy? Facts only please!

My Man Trump

The truth is already out Carol and it is not by FJB or his regime. Biden wouldn’t tell the truth if it took him behind the bleachers and beat the shit out of him.


Agreed, I was being a little sarcastic and wishful thinking…he surrounds himself with pathetic hate America, marxist, criminals. They should be put on a slow boat to Gitmo.

My Man Trump

Carol I agree but let’s make it a fast boat. He is going to end up there anyway once DJT presents the proof of the treasonous crime of the century.


No, that would have been the last administration.


As evident by numerous recounts and failed lawsuits, the truth already has come out! Mr. Trump and his supporters just refuse to see it.


Or maybe–just maybe–we have a corrupt judicial system. It wouldn’t be the first time in history. We aren’t the ones who are refusing to see the truth. It’s the other side who is refusing to TELL the truth.


Tabbysaurus, that would be a fair argument if it was just a few courts. As I’m sure you are aware, that is not the case. It was one court after another and included judges that were appointed by Mr. Trump himself. Moreover, what about the recounts that all went in President Biden’s favor? Do you truly believe that everyone is corrupt except for Mr. Trump? God gave us common sense for a reason.


Of course not. There are, thankfully, still many people of integrity in government. But there is also serious corruption at every level.


That is not factual and the very recognizable spin of that narrative. It’s so weak. for actual cases, timelines, outcomes, won/lost record overall, etc…

The important cases live right now are the big one filed by Mike Lindell and crew, and the one in MI about the DEAD people on the voter rolls, etc, and there are others pending or forthcoming, barring a miracle of cooperation or admission from the guilty parties involved.

What about the “recounts” you ask? Completely irrelevant. If you have a box of ballots at the end of the process holding 100% of the votes, but 2% were from dead people, 1% were from illegal immigrants voting, 1% were from people voting twice/thrice/four times, and 4% were fake ballots in all ways, then you are still going to be counting 8% invalid votes again, meaning you aren’t intelligent enough to be involved in the process.

The audit helps you to find the problem ballots, but you must go through the process of removing them, charging whomever committed a crime (if applicable) and then recounting AFTER the invalid/illegal votes have been removed, for a more accurate tally of the results. Only after you have removed ALL of the problems, will have the completely accurate total. You are going to find WAY more than the margin of victory thrown out, certain election officials charged with crimes, and find the state of Arizona, for example, actually voted for President Donald J Trump in the 2020 election, by more votes than the O’Biden HRC cartel claimed were for Biden.

Nationwide this total will be at least 6million more votes for Trump than for Biden, instead of the supposed 7milllion vote loss, in the popular vote, for example, of just how much corruption and WIDESPREAD FRAUD was seen, uncovered evidence by canvassing and auditing, and STILL uncovering MORE evidence through the same, despite all the legal stalling the guilty have used to date. and to be CLEAR, there are swamp creatures on BOTH sides of the aisle guilty of this fraud committed against the Citizens of the United States of America.

Take note other countries, if you use electronic voting systems, you are also a victim of this crime organization. All of them are hackable, without exception. Follow the money. Indict them. Use Paper Ballots forever more until resolved completely, and the system in place IS secure AND Transparent. Ours is not even close.


Even you can’t believe there are that many corrupt judges, including the Supreme Court who refused to hear the case. There was no election fraud. You just refuse to believe it.

My Man Trump

Obama appointed hundreds of radical, corrupt judges. Pay attention. And no one heard any cases, they were all dismissed, including the Supreme Court. Because no one wanted to deal with the truth. The corrupt judges didn’t want to hear the case because they would have to do something they didn’t want to do….overturn the election. SCOTUS wanted nothing to do with it because Chief Justice is a Rino and everyone, including Pence, wanted nothing to do with overturning elections and dealing with treason. Because if any court let a trial happen, they would have to overturn. Get the hell off the propaganda channels and start paying attention to the facts. I’m really getting tired of constantly having to dummy down to talk to you commies.


Biden is the president without dignity of the USA !


Hurry back Mr. President… The American people are growing weary. When we stand together, the Deep State seems to always throw a punch to our collective guts. Ultimately we know Jesus is the only One Who can save this country/our world….but He’s using you to lead the way. Thank you for taking that charge. I pray for you and your family continually and in the end, justice will be served…God wins!


88%? Effective? paxlovid? from people that give the inoculation first, does that have graphene or any other poison as well? Like the benzene/methanol/petroleum based products that only progress bank accounts, but not health or medicine? I just eat the good stuff and take Dr. Zelenko prophylactic it has saved my parents after they started getting complications from their experimental vaccines, so it works for the inoculated as well to detox.. #HCQ #Ivermectin and all the empowering advice to naturally boost the immune system, foods that have been given to us by God not a man. That’s where people should have invested in. It reduced hospitalisation dramatically. Planes wouldn’t be crashing today if workers weren’t advised to get something experimental that could jeoperdize their lives as well as hundreds others like the service users. When will all these faulty products be recalled and revoked from the market? Seems like the ones not getting these ‘shots’ are Russian and Chinese military? Where’s any balance?


PRES. TRUMP, you must please review the most recent Covid Data – the Vaccines are NOT working as Big Pharma promised you and the American People – NO lasting Immunity after the Vax – TOO MANY People are DYING and being SERIOUSLY INJURED after taking the VAX ! Also the VAX and Boosters harm and weakens people’s Natural Immunity for future diseases – latest evidence is clear on this.

Big Pharma and FAUCI, deceived you and lied to you – not your fault – you are not a Medical Expert. Please change your position on Vaccines and how well they work after getting all the new facts. Also see all the facts as stated in the Criminal Complaint filed in the ICC via the UK by Medical and Legal Experts against Big Pharma, Fauci and many others.

Senators Rand Paul & Ron Johnson have more facts – please consult with them and many Medical Experts, like Doctors – Zelenko and McCullough.

Daniel Bacon

Follow the Money! The more vaccines and boosters, the more the pharmaceutical companies fill their pockets with federal dollars. And more people who get hospitalized the more federal dollars the hospitals get.

Deborah Addor

I agree with you about all that you stated. Follow the real truthful doctors. Frontline Doctors also. There are now over 15,000 doctors waking up to the truth.


Yes, thank you Leon !



* Trump, must view the most recent data – the Vaccines are NOT working as Big Pharma claimed it would work – NO Immunity after the Vax – TOO MANY People are DYING after taking the VAX !

** Trump, was Deceived by FAUCI, BIG PHARMA and his Officials in the Government Health Agencies ! TRUMP IS NOT A MEDICAL EXPERT – IT IS NOT HIS FAULT IF BIG PHARMA and his “Medical Experts” LIE TO HIM.


Johnny Appleseed

Think about it….. we have to make that decision. All he can do is relay what he was told.

He said HCQ.





Go back and remember.

Trump said the whole damn thing was a hoax….

He got crucified for it.

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I guess this means he’s not going to cure cancer either…


you cure cancer by starving it of it’s two fuels, glucose and glutamine. They have been discussing this for a few years apparently, and with a healthier public health system and government, and MUCH healthier pharma companies, it likely would have been done already. Take the information that is out there, and apply it to our diets and nutrition and food supply, mostly not PUTTING or ALLOWING cancer causing agents in our products or food. The way we THINK it works, versus the way it ACTUALLY is working right now.

This will get you started down the right road finding information:
Dr Berg has some of the best health and nutrition information and cites his sources, and takes question from the general public often. Highly recommended.


We Patriots remember your accomplishments that provide the American people many options for combating the wuhan virus. Love the monocolonal antibody and convalescent plasma treatments as well as hydroxycloroquine and ivermectin options that have ALL proven highly effective treatments. Thank you for supporting freedom of medical autonomy. Americans miss that. Biden continues to suppress those effective remedies and their successes via media control and promoting the false narrative that experimental vaccines are the only safe option. Biden is a fool. Anyone who take away our individual choice over our own medical tx and our bodies is going against Gods. Don’t keep promoting the experimental vax when you know there are other alternative treatments. Lead with hcq, ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies instead. Too many vax injuries and deaths to support back it.

Deborah Addor

Amen ✝️


Amen ! Thank you Renee !


In France they impose the vaccine on children now and it is a very hard time for us !


Oh you’re from France?

That’s criminal. I was just saying this evening that I’m glad I don’t have kids (even though it’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid myself). Kids deserve better than to grow up in this.


Do NOT let your children (in any country that uses mRNA vaccine or similar new type vax) get the shot until you watch these two videos. Dr Robert Malone is the inventor of the mRNA as a vax/med (he holds 9 patents) and he has been honest with all from the start. Recently, he did what only a few doctors have done, and warned everyone about the real dangers of the shot vs covid for children (and even young adults!)
And he got banned permanently from Twitter. As have others. You have to find these videos on Rumble, Bitchute, or similar sites. Make sure you avoid the wild conspiracies that appear there, but they are kind of obvious to most.

After watching the 2nd, though fully cited, you may feel like it is too much to be true.
Check Every Citation, every source, every linked document and PDF, and you will see, it’s all based in facts from the TRUTH that the corrupt are suppressing.

Craig Barrett

That’s what happens when a fraudulent jackel is installed by treasonous trash




.. and you witnesssed this you cable news junkie


And you have eye-witness proof she’s wrong?

Kreg Vergith

As someone who lives less than 60 Km from the “border” in Arizona, I can testify that the Border Patrol (God Bless ’em!) are fighting hard every day in an uphill battle to protect our country.
They congregate in our local restaurants and shops, and I can tell you those guys are TIRED!!!
It’s become routine for them to respond to multiple fatal rollover accidents involving dozens of people crammed into cars driven by the coyotes (who run away like cockroaches).

Short-handed on patrols and without support from Biden, they somehow find the strength to do their job.

If you lucky enough to meet one of these extraordinary people, shake their hand, and let them know that we are very proud of them.

Peg Fallon

Dear President Trump: Please stop promoting the vaccines. They are poisonous and are killing and sickening people, not saving them. We know you’ve been listening to bad advice.

Johnny Appleseed

Laws are set up like this:

If there is no treatment then the vaccine has emergency use authorization…

But there are treatments….

So what happens to that authorization???

Are they pushing a vaccine???

But it’s only authorized for emergency use if there are no other treatments…

Hmmm… I have been wondering this…

Save Our United States

I concur. The vaccines have the effectiveness of a therapeutic and are deadly for some people. Nobody knows the long term effects. Experimental drugs, especially when there is no Big Pharma or government liability, should never be mandated. Forcing vaccinations while ignoring other [lower cost] treatments gives the appearance of collusion between government and Big Pharma, right? Big Tech kinda feeds the collusion, huh? Just sayin…

You always need to take personal responsibility for your health, even if you have been vaccinated and especially if you are in a high risk group for COVID. In the end, natural immunity may be the ultimate cure.

Am I gonna be banned? LOL


The CDC has admitted the PCR tests have proven faulty, giving false positives, and unable to discern the common flu from COVID. The Omicron variant symptoms have been likened to the common cold by a British doctor, while still using PCR tests that still can’t tell the difference. This revelation will blow up all of the COVID numbers, reveal widespread misdiagnosis, which resulted in an epidemic of bad health care, and wrongful deaths.

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If you refuse to get vaccinated, refuse to wear a mask, go out in crowds and get sick, it’s Biden’s fault there are so many new cases?

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Johnny Appleseed

Tit for tat…. You blamed trump it even existed…. Come to find out your side paid to have it made…

Chew on that.


More people have died on Biden’s watch, with multiple vaccines, than died on Trump’s with no vaccines. Some areas have a very high vaccination percentage, and–amazingly–also have a high level of cases. There are people everywhere who are vaccinated and still getting sick with covid. But nope, guess it’s those pesky unvaxxed people causing it all.

By the way, a friend’s little girl wears a mask several hours a day for kindergarten. When I dropped off her Christmas gift last week, her mom mentioned she gets a cold at school every couple weeks. Sure doesn’t seem like that mask is doing much…


Think you’ll find most of the deaths are unvaccinated people, still Trump is fully vaccinated with the booster jab so go figure….

Mary Geiger

The unvaccinated are more careful about the people they mingle with. It’s the vaccinated who have false security and do whatever they want to their heart’s content.


Exactly. The slightest hint of illness and we’re cancelling a get-together! What’s silly is when we go to the grocery store we always use the wipes the store provides to clean the handle of the grocery cart, while others just breeze in with their mask on, grab a cart and take off. Never mind what filth is probably on the cart handle (baby drool, fecal matter, flu, cold and covid germs) that is now all over their hands. Like having the mask on protects them from everything.


Which in itself should prove to you Trump supporters are not mindless followers. He rolled out the vaccine, he got the vaccine, he continues to promote the vaccine. If we are the brainless sheep people accuse us of, wouldn’t we all have raced out to get our shots right away?


Many have died on Biden’s watch but wouldn’t have if Trump had acted in 2019 instead of denying it to save the stock market!


Um, what are you talking about? Who even heard about covid before early 2020? And he did do something–he closed our borders to China, e.t.c.

For which he was called xenophobic.

You can’t win with leftists.


He did get vaccinated, and boostered, you dumb ***.


Prize was not referring to a single person. He/she was referring to a large number of people, mostly Trump supporters, who refuse to take the necessary precautions in order to protect themselves and others.

My Man Trump

Then how do you explain that the vaxed and boosted are still getting the chinavirus. Remember now no propaganda or conspiracy theories….just the facts.


Biden is a powerless president then ?

My Man Trump

Give it up! It’s done. The entire FJB regime are done! It’s over. FJBs poll numbers are now lower than Harris.


He’s a puppet. The Great Imitator they used to call him, for a reason. He should have been soap opera actor or something, because he’s always been a bad politician.
You have to cut the head off the snake, else they just use a scapegoat, cut him loose or he “dies under mysterious circumstances” etc and they plant the next puppet.


What many folks keep forgetting is- and they have been saying it all along- The Vax will not prevent you from getting covid— It’s just to help prevent you from dying on a ventilator in the hospital–It’s not preventive or a cure-all. You can still get and spread covid if your vaxed. Biden made the promise that he would shut down the virus but anyone with sense would realize it was a crock of crap the second he said it like most everything he says. He’s a mental invalid.


the vax will not prevent you from dying on a ventilator, either
Denying treatments, and trying to force mandates, and being “racist” towards unvaxxed, taking away freedoms including of speech, are the real crimes here.




Talk about pretzel logic! Hey! The stock market hit highs that Trump could on ly lie, eh, dream about! Wasn’t the market gonna depression-era crash when Biden was elected?


you should review the market before that crash, and read the diaries of those that had to live through it….

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