You don’t do it in reverse order

“First you bring out all of the American citizens. Then you bring out ALL equipment. Then you bomb the bases into smithereens—AND THEN YOU BRING OUT THE MILITARY. You don’t do it in reverse order like Biden and our woke Generals did.

No chaos, no death—they wouldn’t even know we left!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Joe deliberately ‘botched’ the withdrawal AND trolls deliberately ignore that fact. ALL trolls are DELIBERATELY trying to confuse the issue.

Withdraw from Afghanistan–YES! Botch the withdrawl–HELL NO! If there is one issue the vast majority of Americans can rally around its that, but AMERICAN UNITY is not in the best interest of those who want to destroy us.

Don’t feed the anti-American trolls!


Ha! 2 down votes… both from anti-American trolls.


Pay them no mind 🙂 You know what to do 2022/2024.

David Johnson

President Trump, I love you as much as I love our great country. I’m going to say something here that you and many others may find offensive. I worry that there are many who hate you so much that they will do anything to keep you out of office (some, sadly, are my own family members). Might your re-entry into the 2024 race bring them back out of their holes in the ground to vote against you? Have you considered staying in the King Maker role instead to avoid the issue? I see a couple of potential good Presidents out there that could serve our country well with your guiding hand on them.


There is no way that a criminal with dementia has any business being in charge of the military much less a country. America needs President Donald J Trump back immediately!!! Drain the swamp.


Okay; I just saw a twitter where Biden plans to blow up our equipment —and of course he is announcing it.
Rather than blow it up, why can’t our equipment be used as a negotiation tool for our people??!!

Jeffrey P Piccoli

To Donald J Trump. You have the power and the voice to save this country. It is needed at this moment. The Biden administration needs to go and you alone can effect that. At this moment I ask that you put aside any personal political ambitions and stand alone before your supporters and call for the removal of Joe Biden. Our Constitution allows 2 ways to effect his removal, impeachment or the 25th Amendment. This moment requires that you live in it. I want to hear you shout it. Your voice is needed. That voice is powerful. That voice will cause consequences. Your moment has arrived and I ask that you seize it.


Good idea, EXCEPT: DJT would run the risk of “inciting a riot” and Biden would have his goons lock him up before you could say “INCOMPETENT FOOL”! PLUS, if DJT ever gets convicted of inciting a riot against our government, he can never again run for office! Between a rock and a hard place. I think one or more of our stalwart Congressmen needs to implement proceedings on the 25th Amendment or Impeachment. Further, I wish Dr. Ronny Jackson would insist on doing a competency test!

Jeffrey P Piccoli

He has reverence for the Constitution and all I stated is he use the tools in the Constitution, impeachment to which he would be directing his remarks to Congress, and application of the 25th Amendment to which he would be directing his remarks to the Cabinet.


How do you get out all the equipment if the citizens are all gone?

Ralph G Lamy

We have specialized military units for that purpose.

barbara white

Hope those who worship Biden are waking the hell up. If they haven’t yet, it is doubtful they ever will.


Idiot move!!!! Who’s running this clown show????? High tech equipment left in abundance!!!! Praying for the American’s left behind!!!!!! Anytime President Trump!!!!!!!!! ❤️🇺🇸❤️!!!!!!!


So how come you did not do it. You were in office for 4 years.

Trump Won

And Biden was a career politician, spending 8 years as VP before that. What has he been doing all of these past decades?

Ralph G Lamy

Spending his time in the basement in Delaware (which by the way a lot credit card companies go because they can charge obscene interest rates).

Don McKellar

Had he not been swindled out of office, this would have been all over back in May as per his plan. And it would have been done correctly, peanut.


Why did he not take care of it when he was in office. He had fours years to get us out and did not do so.

David Johnson

Trump was in fact negotiating with the Taliban and explained to them how it would work….ie do it my way or you get bombed to hell. The leftist press criticized him for talking to them. It it weren’t for the cheating in the election, Trump would be doing it now…without Americans being at risk.


Including releasing 5000 Tailban prisoners to shore up their team. Good job. Trump could have got us out anytime during his four years and did not do so.

Last edited 2 years ago by Gtp
Ralph G Lamy

Isn’t that what you idiots wanted?


Of course you intentionally left out the part when Obama exchanged the worst of the Taliban soldiers from Gitmo, in exchange for the treasonous deserter, Bowe Bergdahl (including an insane amount of money). One of those that he released is now one of the leaders/spokesperson involved in this withdrawal clusterfluck; of Biden’s doing.

Must be miserable living in that one-sided, ignorant bubble of yours. How pathetic.

Ralph G Lamy

Well, let’s see. Obama weaponized the intelligence community (who are now speaking out since Biden through them under the bus). They hounded him even before he ran. Two Impeachment attempts. Constantly hitting the wall with the Dems. Dealing with TRAITORS such as John Brennan and James Clapper. Having to deal with the country’s internal affairs. It kind of takes up your time. TIMMING is everything. The plans that the REAL President propossed were spot on. Then, of course, we had to deal with you IDIOTS who voted for Biden. I could keep on going on (as I’m writing this as I can hear a F-15 coming in for landing at Westover AFB) ,I could keep going but I hate wating my time with fools.


That makes no sense. He had four years to handle it and did not. Where is the health care plan he promised but never provided. Ps. He had plenty of time to golf.


It makes no sense to YOU, as you’ve opted not to educate yourself. So I’ll give you some FACTS; it will be up to you to learn them or continue to parrot the Lying Main Stream Media bullshit.

The agreement that President Trump struck with the Taliban was a condition-based withdrawal. For the US military to leave, the Taliban and Afghan government would need to strike a peace deal. Second, the Taliban understood that deterrence measures were firm and enforceable. If the Taliban attacked any province during the withdrawal or years after, there would be dire consequences.

Pompeo spoke to the Fox Business Network on Monday about U.S. troop drawdown from the country following chaotic scenes in Kabul as the Taliban took the capital city on Sunday . . . “We had a model where we’d made clear what our red lines were,” Pompeo went on. “We’d made clear the things we were prepared to do to defend them. We could have executed a plan in a way that would have led to the orderly withdrawal.” “We would have demanded that the Taliban actually deliver on the conditions that we laid out in the agreement – including the agreement to engage in meaningful power sharing agreement – something that we struggled to get them to do but made clear it was going to be a requirement before we completed our requirement to fully withdraw,” he said.


So you bomb all the bases, and kill the military?


Just go play on CNN.

David Johnson

You must be one of Biden’s advisers.


You remove anything of military assets so you don’t arm your enemy.

Ralph G Lamy


Ralph G Lamy

That’s not how it works.


Aren’t pigs or cows sacred to them? Desperate times call for desperate measures. What if we told them we’d drop these animals onto their buildings, which would kill the animals and their death would be on the Taliban? (But we would peacefully put the animals “to sleep” before the drop.) I know it sounds crazy but…who knows?? It might work. I’m just trying to think outside the box. (Sorry if I offended anyone.)

Ok. I looked it up. Cows are said to be sacred. But pigs are foul and disgusting—an unclean animal to be absolutely avoided. Hence, the Taliban should greatly dislike BOTH animals raining down on them—for different reasons! Something to think about.

Last edited 2 years ago by Kathryn
Trump Won

That would only ensure more anger.

Drink Clorox

Can you imagine this conversation:

Abdul: Hey Omar. I think someone just dropped a cow on our house. We must surrender immediately.

Omar: No worries, my friend. It was just a pig.


Lol! 😂


Milley was overheard saying he wished 45 was back. Don’t we all?!

Mike Hunt

Right! Milley, the guy who made a public statement after Trump tricked him into using teargas & “rubber” bullets on peaceful protester denouncing him. If Milley had his way El Trumpo would be in a Federal prison or six feet under one.


Well Mr. Hunt, your comments are sounding a bit tired and lame as of late. Maybe you should take a week or two off until some of the disasters caused by the POS in the Whitehouse blow over.(if they ever do) Defending Joe Biden at a time when a “Steamy Turd” on a hot sidewalk could run the Country better is pointless. Your comments are now irrelevant. (By the way, how’s your leftist friend Mike Kissinger? He seems to have disappeared. Good for him!)


This is total lie… did you not see the report that said the clearing going to the church had zero to do with clearing those people. And they were not peaceful they were getting up in the faces of the police on the line and throwing frozen water bottles at them. So peaceful not on your life. Just like cities on fire ‘mostly peaceful’ ya right

Ralph G Lamy



Is there any reason why we can’t tell them we will bomb one of their military bases if they don’t release the people we want by such-and-such a date/time? And then DO it if they don’t?! With promise of further bombing of their buildings if they harm our people? They must have something they prize more than restraint of our people?!? Their palace?
They obviously still have a certain amount of fear of us, or they’d just go ahead and slaughter everyone.

Last edited 2 years ago by Kathryn
David Johnson

The leadership wants us out… then they can crack down on their citizens, rape the women, kill the gays etc etc. The problem is they are not really an organized army. They are just a bunch of tribes ready to fight anything they can. Hopefully the military can fix Biden’s mess before the slaughter begins. That way at least the Americans will get out alive.

Ralph G Lamy

The French and U.K. are getting their people out.

barbara white

that would be easy to do if they hadnt left the entire arsenal over there. If they know our guys are coming they can blow them out of the sky. All because Obiden is a fucking moron, excuse my french but my nerves are shot. I have had it.

Ralph G Lamy

I agree.

Ralph G Lamy

Agreed. They’re running out the clock. Didn’t they say “we have the watches (America), we have the time (Taliban). There are multiple means and layers of attack that remain. We don’t want to start another shooting war, but there a sneaker moves.


either these guys are really stupid or they just want to hurt folks.. maybe both


100% Correct President Trump! What a complete and TOTAL cluster flub by criminal Dictator Biden and the Woke generals!

Ralph G Lamy

Well spoken.

Cary Miller

“Woke” morons are making “Fools” out of all of us. It’s way past time to tell them to, “Sit down and shut up”! At GITMO!
God Bless you Mr. President and Godspeed!


Roger That!



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