You have committed an unpardonable SIN

“For all of those media fools who say everything was on the up and up with the 2020 Presidential Election, and then go on to report about the 51 Intelligence Agents that wrote a letter spreading Disinformation about Hunter Biden’s famous laptop computer, knowing it was FAKE & TREASONOUS, just days before the Election, you have committed an unpardonable SIN. That election fraud is no different than Stuffing the Ballot Boxes, or any other of the many crimes committed in the 2020 Election. So Sad!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Sarah Luu

Our “FAKE NEWS” media is just that – A FAKE BUNCH OF LIARS.They ARE NOT LEGITIMATE reporters or journalists. THEY ARE NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF “LYING” STORY-TELLERS, Who believe that THEY ALL THINK they ARE legitimate in the first place. NONE OF THEM have EVER been elected to “represent the people” with the news in the first place. THEY ARE NOTHING BUT A BUNCH “editorialists”, NOT TRUTHFUL THE “JOURNALISTS” for the people they claim to be &.HAVE NEVER BEEN CHOSEN BY THE PEOPLE. SELF APPOINTED LIARS THAT SERVE THEIR OWN PURPOSES. The REAL SAD thing is that MANY people believe that EVERYTHING they spout out is the truth! ” SO SAD” Sarah Luu

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