You just can’t do that

“Twitter has got a very “rocky road” to climb. Why would Elon M want to buy so many Bots and Fake Accounts, especially for that price? Also, how is it possible that Elon so blatantly violated the $ 15,000,000 Rule. Easy way to make money, but you just can’t do that. This major infraction alone could or should preclude him from making the deal? In any event, Twitter has been strip searched and what they are finding is not pretty. Elon wants his money back, and they want a closing, without facts??”

By Donald J. Trump

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Elon will not go through on the deal because Twitter has false disclosures, and the SEC will back Elon on this.
Elon may buy Twitter after it files Chapter 11 bankruptcy through the bankruptcy court for pennies on the dollar.
Time Will Tell!


So.. I would think that all the stock holders would be alarmed to find out that Twitter is just another perhaps scam company with no real count of users. I believe Musk did a service because now every internet company on the stock exchange should be scrutinized. What’s to stop all of them from making up user accounts to alter prices?? Twitter it appears had no trouble with it. Just my opinions. Thank you President Trump for Truth Social. Thank you for your love of our Country.

ULTRA MAGA Trump Supporter

45,Elon Musk knew exactly what he was doing with this Twitter deal.He first got them all excited about the billions he would purchase it for.Then he said,”hey wait a minute.How many bot,spam and fake accounts does Twitter really have?I want you to produce those documents”.Twitter will not produce those documents because they know it will destroy the platform.Those who hold stock in Twitter will lose their @$$E$,and advertisers will sue for being lied to.Elon Musk has exposed Twitter for the commie criminals they are,which in turn will make people question and look into the other Silicon Valley social media platforms through the FOIA.If you asked me,I would tell you,Elon Musk is a freaking genius.

Linda M

Yes. I think it was to expose them. They were not truthful about the number of bots. Deceiving.


Elon will buy Twitter from the bankruptcy court for pennies on the dollar.

Michael Jenson

snart man tell them to kick sand….


Don’t use Twitter, Facebook, Google, buy from small retailers if you can. Like President Trump says, 3 simple ways to fight : money, money, money. Don’t make these people rich

Rowland L. Holland

OK, I give up. What is the $15,000,000 rule?


Look it up on the internet like I did.

jo young

this is something that had to be done (investigating twitter) and if the only way to get it done is the way E Musk went about it I am glad. the outcome isn’t complete yet but maybe just maybe it will go the way of the dodo bird.

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