“Is RINO writer Peggy Noonan the worst? After 6 years she’s never come close to figuring out the Trump , America First, or MAGA “thing.” She lives in a different, much more simple World. Ronald Reagan made her look good in that, by herself, she’s got no political skill or vision – ZERO – calling it wrong ever since my wild ride down the escalator. She never understood the hatred and “sickness” of the opposition, and what it takes today to get good things done. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

Everything is wrong without DJT in office. MAGA! Can’t wait.


I posted comment on this earlier and it did not appear. Was I not approved?
Some people just seem foolish compared to greatness. She just don’t get it does she.


Sorry, it did post.


She is one that looks foolish when compared to greatness. She just don’t get it does she.


God Bless and Godspeed POTUS🙏 Praying for all the children both foreign and domestic. God wins this silent “holy” war . .🌹🦁🇺🇸 #MAGA

ULTRA MAGA Trump supporter

45,mindless idiots like Peggy Noonan and those like her,including those in congress,cannot be called RINOs any more. They now have a new moniker,DIABL.(D)emocrat (I)n (A)ll (B)ut (L)abel. Hat tip to Dr. Steve Turley. BOOYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!


How about DUC, and pronounced like the waddling quacking duck: Democrat Under Cover

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